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  1. Hugh Jascaulk

    Trying to be mature, drinking scotch.

    C'mon Walt, Crown Royal Vanilla is a far cry from mature[emoji23]
  2. Hugh Jascaulk

    Trying to be mature, drinking scotch.

    Give the Powers a try. Surprised the shit out of me, and it's the "1 selling Irish Whiskey in Ireland[emoji15]
  3. Hugh Jascaulk

    Trying to be mature, drinking scotch.

    Walked into an Irish pub and asked for a Jameson's . Old Irish dude said he wouldn't give Jameson's to his worst enemy. Gave me a glass of Powers Irish Whiskey. Only $25 at bevmo and very smooth. But still can't beat the burn and taste of a good 🥃 bourbon
  4. Hugh Jascaulk

    Trying to be mature, drinking scotch.

    I used to drink Scotch, would always buy the good stuff. Now in retirement, I drink mostly Bourbans. Doesn't break the bank like a great Scotch can. Give me 2 fingers in the evening and I'm feeling good. Lately I've been drinking Makers 46 and Jeffersons Ocean - seems fitting while relaxing...
  5. Hugh Jascaulk

    Happy B day Lemmy

    Happy Birthday Lemmy - "Born to Lose, Lived to Win"[emoji869][emoji869]
  6. Hugh Jascaulk

    Best Male singer, any type of music?

    #1 Freddie Mercury #2 Bruce Dickinson
  7. Hugh Jascaulk

    Young Americans living with their parents reach reaches 75yr high....

    Great article in the Wall Street Journal the other day. This the the first generation that will not out earn their parents. Long gone are the days of being a loyal employee, promises of great pensions and retirement benefits. Can't be happy with being an employee or even self-employed, they...
  8. Hugh Jascaulk

    Newport Beach boat parade tonght

    We had our boat parade last weekend in Marina Del Rey. For such a big harbor, it was very weak, maybe 60 boats. The boat that won had a stripper pole on the bow, with a very talented pole dancer[emoji16]
  9. Hugh Jascaulk

    I have a t shirt addiction..

    I had the same addiction, but slowly thinning the collection. When ever I go on trips, I pack disposable t-shirts. I pack the old ones and just throw them away instead of bringing them home to launder. [emoji23]
  10. Hugh Jascaulk

    $49/month Fiat 500e lease

    From all the bad ass boats and toys people own on this board, no way in hell would I think most would qualify for the rebate with a 150k single and 300k joint max gross income[emoji51]
  11. Hugh Jascaulk

    Need some input for school...Gender Pay Gap

    You just can't quietly put your time in and expect to advance and get paid more money. You have to earn a promotion and ask/demand more money. Women tend to like stability, don't make waves in the workplace and will settle for what they offer. Men on the hand are more confrontational, will...
  12. Hugh Jascaulk

    Done and done... *Boy Scout Dad warning*

    Congrats. to your son as well as to you and your wife! When ever I had the opportunity to hire an Eagle Scout, they would always be at the top of the list to get hired. It shows the grit, determination and commitment to complete a goal in life and get the job done.
  13. Hugh Jascaulk

    Most stupid mother effing law ever

    Just tell them no bags and ask for help out with your groceries[emoji23]
  14. Hugh Jascaulk

    Salt Water hurts...

    The guys from Marine Diesel Services in Costa Mesa are here finishing up my cooling system service. They remove the heat exchangers, aftercoolers, tranny coolers and fuel coolers, service in the shop and return to reassemble everything. All was good, but still an expensive maintenance item...
  15. Hugh Jascaulk

    Ah any Old excuse for a protest (or a party)

    With my wife in Oakland for business and the protest/ march started just down the street. There marching so we decide to go the other way and grab dinner. We get done and they've turned they're coming our way now. Next thing you know we're leading the fucking parade[emoji23]. As we scramble...
  16. Hugh Jascaulk

    Is Oriental a racist term?

    Funny story, I walk into a 7-11 and the guy behind the counter asks what am I. I tell him Japanese and his reply with a strong Indian accent is "I'm same as you." I can tell he's definitely Indian and I'm thinking this guy is nuts. I get in the car, tell my kids what just happened and they...
  17. Hugh Jascaulk

    Is Oriental a racist term?

    Maybe to the new generation, but not to me. Shit, walk down the aisle at the grocery store where all the Asian food is, it still says oriental on the sign above the aisle.
  18. Hugh Jascaulk

    Is Oriental a racist term?

    I'm Japanese, wife is Chinese, both 4th generation Americans. Last week we're in La Jolla and get in an Uber and ask the driver how his night is going. He replies, "just dropped a couple of slant eyes, so night is better." I tell him to look in his back seat. I wasn't so offended by what he...
  19. Hugh Jascaulk

    10 Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

    Being a kidney transplant patient my drugs are 3.5k a month before insurance. I have 2500 deductible and 6k max out of pocket which I reach by Feb. every year. Once I had a UTI and needed antibiotics. I get to the pharmacy and they tell me insurance hadn't approved it yet. Thinking how much...
  20. Hugh Jascaulk

    Rock n Roll Request

    Love Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters[emoji869]. I was at the Whiskey after Lemmy's memorial, and Dave Grohl sits down next to me at the bar. I tell him what a huge fan I am, and how I'm naming my boat after one of his songs. And the story behind it. We talk for about 15 minutes, he's pumped...