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    Dog beach @ HB

    A nice day for a afternoon walk on the beach to relax and feel somewhat normal. Not too busy and most everybody complying with S.D. protocol. The dogs, not so much. What is everyone else doing during these restricted times? Yesterday my neighbor cranked his tunes like he does for his parties...
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    Are these any good?

    General brand floor grinder, could'nt see a model # etc
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    FLATBOTTOM REGATTA..Weekend Paradise, elsinore NYD

    who"s goin? 500BBC, Mr. Khan/16 candles, sharp shooter, any others???
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    danger of a lumber yard

    https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/story/2019-12-21/worker-dies-after-lumber-pile-tips-over-and-traps-him-against-a-forklift-in-costa-mesa Ya always know things can happen, but when they actually do happen, holy crap....It's not always just a bump here or a tow there with a forklift...
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    christmas party games

    whatcha all doin for family type christmas party games to entertain the family members and help prevent the dreadful conversations of work or lack there of, political arguments etc. etc. The "white elephant" and the 3 steals game were worn out years ago. What is the rest of the world doing for...
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    REVEALED; Ukranian witnesses destroys shiffs case... a multi part report on AON. On NOW

    This is the title of a new report on One America News. An exclusive report by Chanel Rion. In this report she goes to the Ukrain to interview Ukranian witnesses. It's a very investigative report. Have a look wontcha???
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    Dark Arts

    I ran across this awhile back on OAN, interesting stuff. Anybody else heard of this?
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    chirraco summit..sow or??

    the snow level is down to the bottom of the foothills n calabasis, bmont etc. whats the status @ the chir. grade, summit? I'm on the 10 fwy. headed that way n wunerin. Rain n stop n go now n bmont
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    floring material questions....LVP/LVT

    I am looking into using this material for flooring at dirtvill, my nik-name for our river house. haha Anyway, we're looking at the Life Proof, rigid core plank, click type product from Home Depot or any other "water proof" product you may have to recommend. I think a floating product as opposed...
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    sunsets n big river

    heres some sunset pix from yesterday and todays...as it's happeningyesterdays..only one i got
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    hotrods, hot boats, drag cars n cacklefest this weekend

    that's right good peeps..this Sat. afternoon in Ontario at Performance carb n speed. Here's the flier with all the info.
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    18' Saber Jet Resto

    Here's a couple pics of my client friends Saber Jet I'm doing some restoration on. This project will include complete BBF eng recolor & dress up, motor mount repair, pump rebuild, new floor and interior. Here"s a couple pics of it when he bought it a couple months ago.
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    White vinyl framed windows..NOS..cheap

    I have 3 new const. windows total to get rid of, all jeld-wen dual pane, Low E units. Two are for a 5'x5' R.O., picture windows..$100.00 ea. the other is a 4'x6' x/o slider (2'x6') $225.00. PM for more info. if you are interested.
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    $485.00 fine....for my dog in my vehicle ticket? wtf?

    yep, not a typo....$485.00 fine for leaving my dog in my truck while taking my dad grocery shopping in mid July. I had no other choice as at the time as he had major separation anxiety and the only place I could kennel him where he was happy was in my truck (at home he destroyed shit). I left...
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    maui sunset

    moments ago and.their getting better
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    VAPE pens

    Please enlighten me. Asking for friend........... (my dad) haha My dads a recent widower and has been smoking cigs for 60 yrs. We are encouraging him to switch to vaping out of fire safety and health concerns. I don't smoke and know nothing about them so thought I'd check with the masses here...
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    trump interview tonight

    On fox news tonight at 5pm. Tucker Carlson will be interviewing Pres. Trump tonight. Just thought I'd mention it for ya'lls..
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    Plane crash, cable airport, upland

    I just drove by it, no details , sorry. No fire, full EMS on scene. Small plane upside down in between trees and building across street from runway. Appears it came up short.
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    Block masons in parker area??

    Anybody know of any good quality, reliable block Masons in the Parker, Big River area? I have a couple jobs I need some guys for. TIA ( Kevin Foote is swamped and not available currently for these projects)
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    buying/selling apps

    (letgo, offer up etc.) who uses them and what's your experience been like? how effective do you find them to? Are they better or worse than ebay/ c.l. etc? are peeps more reliable to show up etc or are they all they same since their people and we all know in general alotta people suck.