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    Havasu this weekend

    What's up in Havasu this weekend. See a lot of big cats tied up at the London resorts on HD on Tap.
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    windsor north ramp

    was there at 4:45 sat when the cops closed it down with injuries coming in from the north.Anyone have the low down?
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    RDP sighting

    Who ways the guy in the RDP tee shirt at the Hootie and the Blowfish concert last night at the five points
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    Pirates Cove

    So whats the intel about charging 20 bucks to chill in there? BS or are they charging?
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    casino across the way

    What's the lastest on that ? Ready for this summer?
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    Going up river

    How is it going up this weekend. Has to be shallow
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    Who Remembers Trailside mini mart?

    who here remembers the Trailside mini mart when it was open. its on the corner of smoketree and lake havasu blvd. just noticed the sold sign
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    Trailer bunk Question

    Has anyone considered pressure treated 2x4s for bunks? Twisting, warpage wear?
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    Site six

    Saw the red lights at site six tonight around 8:00. Anyone hear anything on the scanner
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    Auto AC

    Who is the auto ac guy in Havasu to go to?
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    What s your earliest for an annual service?

    Just made mine for Feb 17th. thats my personal earliest
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    Able to beach in the channel at the point with no stern anchor. Life is good
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    Vessel Assist, Sea tow and Tow boat

    Which one is has the better service? and why?
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    Wednesday boating ends with a bummer

    Had a great day with my buddy from Idaho, 15 maybe 20 trucks and trailers in the north windsor parking lot and someone nails the back of my boat trailer,REALLY !! I guess thats boating
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    BBQ Crawl

    Did anyone see the last show ,nice long segment on Topock 66
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    Talkin about big boats in the channel

    How about the big wakes. Had to sit in the channel all day Saturday cause we had a seeping oil line , and we were rocked by big wakes all day ,seems like alot of people ignored the no wake speed. I just thought it was me but people all around were bitchin about it and to the passing boats...
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    water temp

    Whats the water temp in the channel
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    Island Traffic

    How long was the island traffic after the fireworks show? And im talkin about auto traffic
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    First time to the Desert Bar

    Was there on friday , Tell me that was an above normal crowd. It was just crazy
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    Who s chancing the weather

    And going to havasu this weekend