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  1. mbrown2

    Anyone catch Post Malone's Nirvana tribute livestream last weekend...

    PostMalone Nirvana Tribute It was pretty good...he is obviously a bit more diverse than the average rapper. Travis Barker also did good. Although this was for raising funds its good to see artist stream live music during the lockdown.... Another good Arizona band Authority Zero did...
  2. mbrown2

    Was Havasu a shit show this past weekend?

    I am being half way sarcastic....Being in Huntington Beach we had TMZ, CBS coptors overhead and pushing photos/stories on the web of things being packed and people not adhering to stay at home...when in reality things were not that bad. In Havasu all I saw were the long launch ramp lines at...
  3. mbrown2

    Gaffrig 10K RPM Gauge - White

    3 3/8" Gaffrig 10K RPM Gauge white $100 shipped anywhere in the US.
  4. mbrown2

    Anyone have a Sales Contacts they deal with/refer at Jack Powell Ram/Chrysler/Jeep in Escondido?

    Looking at vehicle and instead of cold calling figure there may be someone here that has a contact there ....referrals always seem to work better.
  5. mbrown2

    [WTS] Extreme Chrome Trailer Fender - Dual Trailer

    Cleaning out storage...brand new never installed. Been wrapped in plastic for last 10+ years in our storage. Never replaced our old fender with it. Bought from Extreme....its dimensions are 10x66. $100 obo. Pick up locally in Huntington Beach. PM me for further details...
  6. mbrown2

    Trailer Registration - No title in AZ or CA?

    Long story short...bought a used boat and trailer recently and the former owner did not have trailer title. Was a able to get boat xferred and registered in AZ. Thought I would try it for the trailer with a bill of sale but AZ said you need title. Long story longer the boat/trailer was owned...
  7. mbrown2

    Another new church member

    Its been 10 years since having my last F26....but being on river I longed for another quick boat....always wanted a small quick outboard for morning and afternoon smooth water runs at Parker... Picked up 1998 Mirage with SuperMag Mariner...lot different than the bigger cats...so much quicker...
  8. mbrown2

    2018 Mastercraft XT25

    Not from the mold....but a new boat...also not a performance boat but our family cruiser to replace the Malibu that was totaled...When we had to get another boat everyone said Pontoon!.. I don't see myself in a pontoon. They are nice for lake when you are day boating and have to load a bunch...
  9. mbrown2

    Boat totaled - Fire....careful of the battery tenders you install...(Powermania)

    I went back and forth about posting this but this site is about sharing one's experience and my recent boating experience has been less than stellar. Some background; we have owned a lot of boats from Eliminator, Schiada, and DCB's. However it was our 2004 Malibu 23 Wakesetter which was the...
  10. mbrown2

    Amazon cancels HQ2 in New York

    In these days where attracting companies in your state is a big deal....and after they landed Amazon they bitch and moan and push them out ....gentrification will happen in Queens regardless of Amazon. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/nyregion/amazon-hq2-queens.html
  11. mbrown2

    Correct/Craft & Nautique Service in Havasu?

    Asking for a friend they have a 2001ish Nautique that has sat in the garage for 4-5 years so need a service/tune....just wondering if any of the marine shops are certified for Nautique? Or even PCM certified..as I think that is the motor. I am familiar with the good service shops there but she...
  12. mbrown2

    Riverdave spotted on his way to Parker

  13. mbrown2

    2013 Sea Hunt Ultra 234 Center Console - Like New 38hrs

    Boat Sold Had the boat for sale last year but got cold feet and thought we would use it more....well we took it out once last year for an hour. So love the boat but its obvious we don't have time for it with the other boats so it must go to another home... Like new, Sea Hunt Ultra 234 with...
  14. mbrown2

    Remodel / Room Addition References?

    Contemplating doing a room addition above our detached garage and wanted to get quotes. Been kicking this idea around for the last couple of years...possible short term VRBO/AirBnB rental and possibly a drop in pad for us in retirement as we will be mobile parts of the year. It is in downtown...
  15. mbrown2

    Funny Craigslist Adds...

    This one made me laugh as it is so appropriate with the times we are in.... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/5975812923.html
  16. mbrown2

    Young Americans living with their parents reach reaches 75yr high....

    Although I don't have kids; I figured like many of us this is increasingly becoming reality with the Millennial generation... Lots of reasons but my gut says it is mainly to do with being raised/coddled to not be individuals that fend for themselves or pushed to become self sufficient.... I am...
  17. mbrown2

    Parker Drone Footage...

    Still getting the hang of the drone....still got a lot to learn with it...but some summer footage to help us through Fall/Winter..:thumbsup. https://youtu.be/UGIeTOOLJE8
  18. mbrown2

    It's back...Kawasaki's new 4 Stroke Stand Up Jet Ski!~

    https://www.kawasaki.com/ http://www.autoevolution.com/news/kawasaki-re-launching-its-stand-up-jet-ski-this-fall-110560.html This should be interesting...
  19. mbrown2

    T-Mobile coverage in Parker (near dam)

    I am getting ready to kick ATT to the curb...trying to stream some of the soccer matches EURO and Copa America....I can see I need to up my plan for data... T-Mobile has plans that are like half the price and don't charge for streaming espn/utube or music... Anyone have TMobile and use it at...
  20. mbrown2

    California overtakes France as the 6th largest economy

    Hmm.....weather's great, traffic sux... :) http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-06-14/california-overtakes-france-to-become-sixth-largest-economy California has overtaken France as the world?s sixth-largest economy, fueled by strong growth and the U.S. dollar?s gains against...