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  1. BajaMike

    Red Neck Hitch/Step

    Nice one....what do you have?
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    Drought Over?

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    Launching Boat Single Handed

  4. BajaMike

    New Modified Jeep

  5. BajaMike

    Sad News-My Mom RIP

    On Thursday, my 97 year old mom died. My son, my sister and me were at her side in her home in Palm Desert. She wouldn’t go to the hospital, so we had hospice nurses in the house the last few weeks. She got sick after New Years and never recovered. Pictured below with me on her 97th...
  6. BajaMike

    2019 Ford Exhibition

    Anybody seen one of the these or have one. Looks good.
  7. BajaMike

    Why Are Motorhome Paint So Ugly?

    Why are motorhome paint/vinyl exteriors so fucking ugly? They start out ugly, and in 5 years they are all faded out and looking uglier. I don’t get it. You would never buy a boat, truck or airplane that was painted like that shit. I would much rather see a solid color (white or yellow or...
  8. BajaMike

    The Movie “The Irishman”? Don’t Bother

    So boring for 3 hours & 20 min, keep thinking it would get better....it didn’t. Those egotistical three old farts, aged down 30 years, look so ridicules. If it had a decent script it would still be Garbage. I want my 3 hours & 20 minutes back.
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    U.S. Special Ops New Sig Machine Gun

  10. BajaMike

    Tamale Lovers ?

    This is kinda fun if you like tamales. There are 50 to 60 booths so you can try them and pick out the best ones and take home bags of fresh or frozen tamales. Also, plenty of beer,wine and margaritas. I can’t make it this year...
  11. BajaMike

    99 Beer Case, 7 Feet Long

    Would anyone want one of these? $59.99 got 99 beers? 60 cents each?
  12. BajaMike

    Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

    Surprise visit to the troops in Afganistan! What a guy! https://pluralist.com/trump-surprise-thanksgiving-afghanistan-visit-us-troops/47777
  13. BajaMike

    Possible Plane Crash I-10/Desert Center

    Any one see this.....seems like about 9 pm tonight. https://kesq.com/news/2019/11/25/rso-investigating-possible-plane-crash-near-desert-center-and-i-10/
  14. BajaMike

    Keepernick is a No Show at Workout

    He doesn’t show up, holds a press conference instead. Read the story.....what a shit show. https://kesq.com/news/national-world/2019/11/16/kaepernick-will-showcase-his-skills-to-nfl-teams-this-afternoon/
  15. BajaMike

    Tiger Wins #82

    Tiger wins in Japan, his 82nd PGA win, ties record number of PGA wins. https://apple.news/Awqt8W61BR0OMs2ZIT9o6AA
  16. BajaMike

    I-10 Westbound Closed

    This shows it was about an hour ago (noon?). Don’t know if its still closed.
  17. BajaMike

    Jeep Wrangler Steering Failures?

    Seems like some are having steering weld failures? https://www.krcomplexlit.com/2018/10/keller-rohrback-investigates-jeep-wrangler-frame-weld-failures/
  18. BajaMike

    Two Bodies Found In Havasu Area

    From “The Bee” DEATH INVESTIGATION- LAKE HAVASU CITY Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a male subject located deceased on Saturday (10/5). At approximately 9:15 AM, deputies were called to a business in the 1300 block of McCulloch Blvd...
  19. BajaMike

    Last Flight of the SR-71 Blackbird Video

    End of an era....what’s next:
  20. BajaMike

    Auction-Lots of Guns & Motorcycles

    Tools, motorcycles, guns, amo, Piper J-3 Cub. https://countrysideauctioneers.hibid.com/catalog/184211/pennington-personal-property---living--guns-scooters-and-more-/