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  1. Wicky

    Shock collar fishing at Parker...

    Some nice fish and comedy too.
  2. Wicky

    Dogs and the Covid virus

  3. Wicky

    2 girls 1 bote

    I've got nothing, sorry. But, if you do, post em up!
  4. Wicky

    Boating 101

    Always let them steer when they want to.
  5. Wicky

    They just brought up chloroquine (Kratom) on Trump’s address on Fox News. Wow!

    The holy grail!!! I have said it all along.
  6. Wicky

    My dog has the corona virus...

  7. Wicky

    3.13.20 Pic of the day

  8. Wicky

    Kratom and the Corona virus...

    Historically, the Vietnamese have used kratom for hundreds of years. Now, they are seemingly one sample set that is not affected as much as the rest of the world with the covid 19 death rate. Could Kratom really be the answer? This is wild. I know in the 11 years I have been taking kratom...
  9. Wicky

    Trolling right along

  10. Wicky

    No dust mask required..

    when the only life around is your own echo...
  11. Wicky

    Corona virus cure

  12. Wicky

    11 degrees windchill on the lake

    and the water isn't frozen....
  13. Wicky

    When you live up North....

  14. Wicky

    Stainless steel kitchen remodel

    Finally found a safe spot for my spares 8 ). Single life aint bad but, if I find one that appreciates my interior design, she's a keeper.
  15. Wicky

    Dumont was packed full last week

  16. Wicky

    Getting colder but still epic..

  17. Wicky

    Ceramic coatings on fiberglass

    Anyone using this stuff? Pros? Cons?
  18. Wicky

    Dirty John

    I met a pretty cool chick less than half my age, a couple years ago after my divorce, in a bar. My dog introduced us lol. We were good together even with the age differenc and I have been pretty stoked until she had to move away out of state to take care of her Mom a few months ago. Hell...
  19. Wicky

    Cannonball run is alive and well

    https://jalopnik.com/extremely-illegal-record-for-cross-country-cannonball-r-1840172968 Fucking vin...delete delete delete
  20. Wicky

    Telsa troubles..