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  1. ParkerMagic

    Mini Boat

    Anyone have a Mini-Kat, or mini Hallett or Schiada? Running or not. Ok with projects or turn key.
  2. ParkerMagic

    Economic Disaster loan (EIDL)

    Anyone apply for this? In anticipation of this dragging on through summer, I applied...Got a confirmation number, that's it. No email, letter, call, nothing... anyone have any luck with this program? This is different from the PPP loan that became available Friday.
  3. ParkerMagic

    Tuner for 2016 Duramax

    Has anyone done a tuner on their 2016 (or around there) 6.6 Duramax? I'm looking for something that gives me better MPG without killing the warranty. Is there such a thing?
  4. ParkerMagic

    RZR CA Street Legal?

    Based on the section of the vehicle code below, wouldn't an Arizona resident be able to drive on CA roads as long as it is plated in AZ? https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&division=3.&title=&part=&chapter=4.&article=1. (b) A nonresident owner of a...
  5. ParkerMagic

    Vehicle loans in business name

    Where is a good place to get vehicle loans in a business name? Always done my name but would like to try the business this time...
  6. ParkerMagic

    Mexico UTV Ride

    I just got back for 3 days in Mexico. I know, I know, the Cartels are gonna kill me and chop me up. However, once you realize that Mexico isn't anything like what the news portrays, you can enjoy the beauty of it and will be immediately hooked. Day 1 - Tecate/Ojos Negros/Valley De...
  7. ParkerMagic

    2019 Rzr XP Turbo-S

    Just got my RZR back from Madigan Motorsports. The wallet is gonna hurt for a bit! Did the following upgrades: Cage w roof rack, windshield (not shown), and dome lights Full Doors 2 Baja Designs (1 30" White and 1 10" Amber) Light Bars Rear Light Bar Method Wheels Spare Tire Mount PRP...
  8. ParkerMagic

    Sierra Safari - Anyone going?

    I just signed up for the Sierra Safari UTV ride from Mammoth...Anyone going or been in the past? https://www.dickallenssierrasafari.com/
  9. ParkerMagic

    Is Seattle worth going to?

    Zillow is offering to fly me (and a guest) up there for 3 days, all expenses paid...Is there anything fun to do there? It would be mid August.
  10. ParkerMagic

    IMCO SC Lower

    Have an Imco SC lower (std length) I need to sell ASAP. Willing to blow it out for $3,500 (just paid $6k). Only used for 2 hours of testing. Basically brand new. Can deliver in SoCal or Havasu/parker. $3,500 FIRM. 619-699-9900
  11. ParkerMagic

    Need a favor - RD's postal service

    Anyone going from Havasu to Lake Elsinore area tomorrow or Thursday? I need a hatch (for a magic deck) picked up in havasu and dropped off at Martinez Marine Interiors in Lake Elsinore... Will pay $$$!
  12. ParkerMagic

    Know anything about this boat?

    I’m looking at this mini cat this weekend. Anyone know anything about it? Owner says it was built by Ultra and never been used.
  13. ParkerMagic

    525 w/ Headers for Sale

    I have a Mercury Racing 525 I am looking to sell. Engine came out of a Magic Deck boat and has been serviced every year. Currently in the boat, in Parker, and will be removed in next 2 weeks. 280 Hours. $18,000 Incl. Headers. 619-699-9900 Can deliver in SoCal.
  14. ParkerMagic

    2015 Chevy Tahoe - $24k

    Selling my Wife's ride 2015 Chevy Tahoe LT 99k miles 2" leveling kit 20" XD Wheels/Falken Tires 3rd row seating Window tint Navigation Backup Camera Front bumper has a scuff on one corner. Could be fixed easily at a bumper repair place. This vehicle has never left us stranded and rides...
  15. ParkerMagic

    Cost to paint boat trailer

    Anyone have an idea what I would cost to repaint a 28' trailer? It is white now and would stay the same color.
  16. ParkerMagic

    Magic Boats Trailer Wheels

    Been searching but cant find it. Anyone know the wheel bolt pattern? Also, will a 17x9 with 0 offset work?
  17. ParkerMagic

    525 Whipple Question

    My 525 is approaching 300hrs. I figure it may be time to get freshened up and add a Whipple while they are in it. I currently have an XR. Is it worth chancing, or is a drive upgrade needed? If an upgrade is needed, what drive would be the best choice?
  18. ParkerMagic

    I fired my financial advisor and hired RDP

    Took some advice and bought some PCG stock at $7. Now I can tell my wife spending time on RDP is profitable and is not a "waste".
  19. ParkerMagic

    2016 RZR XP4 Turbo

    2016 RZR XP Turbo 2yrs left on extended warranty 1300 mi (maintainer w open checkbook) IMG Cage w removable roof rack Full doors w custom wrap Baja Designs onx6 light bar Baja Designs onx6 HP Amber light bar Baja Designs rear light bar Shock Therapy Suspension Stage 2 Aftermarket Assasains Kit...
  20. ParkerMagic

    Magic Boats 17" Wheel Needed

    Anyone have one of the 17" Magic Trailer Wheels or a set? I need a min of 1 badly!