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    Mercury marine boat thief

    Not what ya think great ad
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    Revisionist history?

    My wife is a nurse. We are on perpetual lockdown as she is exposed almost daily. We have been arguing recently about flu deaths. She is saying that the flu numbers are grossly overstated and that covid is way deadlier. Trying to prove my point I have been pulling flu death numbers but I...
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    Ok audio people need advice

    I am hoping the power of rdp can help again and i apologize for the long post. I have a yamaha home theater amp that i have hooked up to an older knoll mr1250f rack amplifier. The knoll has 12 channels and does not have volume or zone controls. I have all of this hooked up to an amazon echo. So...
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    The hackers have been busy

    They are going after The Gates Foundation, WHO and Wuhan institute of Virology after usernames and passwords were leaked online earlier today. Supposedly there is a massive data dump coming. Either that or my tinfoil hat has holes in it...
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    Azimut 47 Verve

    This thing is badass. I really love all of the big outboard cruiser/center consoles.
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    Huge thank you to so cal pools.

    We have been without a pool heater for a couple of years after our roof top solar decided to leak and cost us a mint in roof repairs. Well today that changed when @Melloyellovector hooked me up with a killer deal on a new heater. The fam and i just got out of the jacuzzi and couldnt be happier...
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    COVID-19 Now The Deadliest Daily Killer in the US

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-news/coronavirus-becomes-leading-cause-of-death-in-us/ar-BB12o7aQ?ocid=spartandhp For all the memes out there touting how Cancer, Heart Disease, etc... are more deadly the daily numbers are now showing Covid-19 as the deadliest killer in the US. Here...
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    Jameson cold brew

    Opened this up tonight. Good lord it's good. Real smooth and the perfect mix of coffee flavor.
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    First Distressed Bond Sales are hitting the market

    This is happening faster than I thought it would I thought we would have a couple more weeks. https://www.marketscreener.com/ROYAL-BANK-OF-CANADA-1411559/news/Royal-Bank-of-Canada-RBC-Seeks-Fire-Sale-Buyers-for-Seized-Mortgage-Debt-Update-30252460/ Cheescake Factory and a number of other...
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    Fresh BS

    So my wife is a labor and delivery nurse at an OC hospital. The hospital has mandated that nurses are not permitted to wear masks because they are concerned in how it may look. They need to continue to have paying patients come in the doors so rather than protect the staff on the front lines who...
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    Couple of Quick Mortgage Points if your dealing with falling behind

    The following is not legal advice. I am not an attorney. I don't have much so suing me would be a bad idea... That said there are a couple of points that I think are important as people who are out of work now and in the future are going to have some issues making the mortgage payment and I...
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    8 year olds dude

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    Where's the floor?

    Dow dropped nearly 1k yesterday. Down over 800 ,right now. 10 year is trading at nearly record low. There are rumors of a vaccine on the horizon. If Corona risk can be mitigated I see a quick bounce and have some cash ready to throw into the market. It's gonna be about timing. So what say the...
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    Corona virus imported to Costa Mesa.

    The states latest greatest idea is to use the Fairview facility in Costa Mesa to house those infected with Corona virus. These are infected individuals. Not people under quarantine. This is as soon as Monday. The city filed an injunction with a federal judge to place this plan on hold. It...
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    Dun dun dun another one bites the dust

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/philip-haney-dhs-whistleblower-during-obama-era-found-dead-police-say Seriously, another one? How can they keep getting away with this?
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    Jack in the box has tiny tacos.... They also have tiny taco nachos... My asshole hurts.... That is all.
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    Avenue 5

    New show on hbo. Set in the future Hugh laurie is a cruise ship captain of a ship that orbits our solar system. Ive only seen the first episode but its there were a few lol moments. Gonna watch the next two tonight.
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    Which inmate?

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    Fear of the dark lol

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    Which pool heater?

    Probably gonna turn into a Ford vs Chevy debate but.... I am pricing out pool heaters. Pool is chlorine, kidney shaped and I am taking a shot in the dark at guessing it's around 20k gallons. It's a sports pool 3 feet on each end and 5 feet deep in the middle. Has slightly elevated spa with...