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    gun show

    Gun show at the Ontario Convention Center this weekend if you need any supplies etc...
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    Can You Fix It

    In High School, when gas was 27.9 a gallon, drivers ed made us go over the cost of driving. When asked everyone figured the price of gas @ 12 miles to the gallon...maybe optomistic given the displacement and the state of tune of our $600 cars... then they added insurance, and tires, and brakes...
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    Are you ready for when the SHTF? Know any "Preppers?"

    I've thought about getting a buggout bag...I went through the list and found out my backpack already has it all. Being a Boy scout means you've already got 90% of what you need. Russians are way outta my pay grade, I'm more worried about Trump and Newsom.
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    Adult things not to do

    The drummer in our band was on his way home to Victorville after a long night. Going up the hill he felt the urge and clenched it back. He felt he'd make it home...he did, drove into his garage, put it in park and blew brown all over his Honda.
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    Colorado River Navigational Charts

    Fish N Map company sells excellent maps that have underwater contour lines in 10' increments. It does show some sandbars, but since they keep moving....
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    Colorado River low water pictures?

    I canoed from McIntyre to Martinez Lake Thanksgiving week...and it was looowww. The first night we got into Walter's camp late and were running into sandbars in the dark, FUN!. While there was a deviation, it was uniformly low for 4 days.
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    I bet he doesn’t do that again

    #1 he had the proper tool #2 he told the perp what he'd do and did it #3 he has to pay for his own uniform.
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    College Cost & Stupid Majors

    Starting pay in a major orchestra is over 100K, there are 6 or 7 in the US, more overseas. In addition to school costs he'll need a Large CC tuba, a smaller CC tuba, an F tuba...and assorted others, maybe euphonium, cimbasso, bass trombone, contra bass trombone, a BBb or EEb tuba and a...
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    Adult children

    I'm listening...24 yo with no motivation...too smart for college, does the exact minimum, no goals or aspirations. FM
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    Bat Repellent

    Whatever you do to make them leave your house, make sure you give them someplace to go. Build some bathouses, a ton of info online. Be sure and build the box to the bats you have, very specific needs.
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    Kaepernick Plans to Audition for NFL Teams on Saturday

    What kind of Pom Poms did he use? How was his high kick? whatta douche. The only way I give him a chance is if he enlisted in a branch of the armed forces and did his entire enlistment.
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    Ford vs Ferrari

    I saw it last night at the laemmle in Claremont...mostly empty except for the numbnuts behind us the jabbered through the pic. Really good, glad I saw it in a theater, wife liked it also. On the freeway cloverleaf today she was talking to herself..."wait...wait...wait...OK, Go!", LMAO
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    Construction guys....permitting...

    We did a lot of work as "owner doing work". Fee was based on cost of materials. We moved our driveway and garage door,(pretty obvious)expanded the kitchen (new sewer line), all with permits. We had a patio in the back and just replaced the old pad, redid guest bath (took out bathtub and just...
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    School Athletes Getting Paid

    I don't see the problem. The athletes have all dealt with privelege, talent, jealousy, favoritism, etc since elementary school. Having a freshman get a spot on the travel team, bumping an upperclasman, finding out so and so got a 50% scholarship vs. you getting 25% is just part of the shit...
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    Just snagged my kid..

    Look back when you were 13. I was at a evening Jr High band rehearsal, putting cherry bombs in lockers, someone gave me a Kool cigarette, some other kids started running on the roof of the school..and the police showed up. I was scared to death. Band director sent everyone home, I confessed...
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    Eating goat

    When I was a kid my boss was american indian. He'd throw BIG parties and always have something roast in a pit. Goat was tasty, but took a few CLs to get it to happen. They all said it was good, but the burro was better.
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    Do you live below your financial means?

    All my siblings (including steps) have had serious money issues. We've always kept things affordable aand eveen when things were tight didn't have to go to the folks. But we also don't save much, so everything is in the house, lots of sweat equity etc. We live close to our means, but also...
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    Trans Time

    Call Robin at Foothill Transmission, on Foothill near Garey (behind the Weineschitzel). Honest and reasonable.
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    When did it become ok to bully a chick??

    Same here, no need for facebook, no need to look, no interest.
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    RDP Dogma

    I had a blue tick coon hound as a kid...he was great except during a full moon. He'd bay for hours, and OKies would come by and knock on the door at 10pm asking to buy the dog. GP and Rotties are similar, herd dog, protective. MY opinion...I always feel bad about long haired dogs in Socal.