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    Back in the day......................

    I have restored the hull on my 1955 Joe Mandella flat bottom v-drive. It was built with twin props/twin rudders. It was built for Rozzie Barton for a speed ski tow boat. Dave Sammons installed all the original hardware and my 1956 Oldsmobile. Schiada Boats paainted the hull as original in...
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    Back in the day......................

    When I worked for Skip he usually had a Wickens Whirlwind long deck available. I took it on vacation when Skip loaned my 17' boat to a customer. Then he got his Chipmonk. That took up a lot of his and my time. I flew with him to several of his air shows. HARLAN ORRIN
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    Now for something different

    I found this Joe Mandella wood flat bottom v-drive boat in 1999. I have replaced the entire bottom and deck. The engine is as original, 324" 1956 Oldsmobile with an Edelbrock manifold with 3 97s. and flame arrestors. The 4 shaft v-drive was built by the boat owner, Rozzie Barton, builder of...
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    RDP Events & Get Togethers Thread

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    Alternator setup?

    Last week I talked with Dave Sammons while he disassembled my Marbet 4 shaft v-drive that willl be back in my 1955 Joe Mandella flat bottom. The boat was built with twin props-twin rudders. The v-drive has an idler shaft that protudes from the rear-right of the v-drive. Dave will build a...
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    Eliminator 26 Eagle

    Hello Mosts of the posts are comparing EAGLES/STEP BOTTOM EAGLES /DATONAS. They are completly different designs for different usages. I built plugs and molds for non step Eagles from 230' to 38'. These models can not be compared to the smaller Datonas I built. You would have to talk to Bob...
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    Alternator setup?

    There used to be a 2 piece pulley that bolted to the drive shaft. I would like 2. One for a 1310 driveshaft and one for a 1350 driveshaft. HARLAN ORRIN
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    70 Rayson Wood Deck

    I have not built or seen a factory Rayson Craft deck like this. This is similar to a teak deck on a yacht. I built a strip plank canoe with a similar look. Rayson Craft had a "A", "B", "D", and "LP" molds. I did not find any I D plate on MISS MARINE WORLD, a 20' 6" Rayson Craft. It was...
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    1969 Mercury Advertisement Picture

    There were 2 different 16' Rayson Craft outboard hulls. I have one of the semi v-bottom hulls that was built as a v-drive with full stringers. It originally had a F E Ford engine with a Casale v-drive. It is available to restore as an interesting toy. It would be fun to install an all...
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    2013 Ski Race Reunion - Marine Stadium 9/21/13

    Will there be room to display our 1958 model wood Mandella??? HARLAN & MARY ORRIN
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    Hydroplane prop help

    In the late '50s your hull type was running over 100 MPH. They did not prop ride very high. They were a 4 point riding boat. Get as many props as you can find and go out for a test DAY. Do not worry about moving the engine or changing the shaaft angle or strut location. The boat was...
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    Lots of questions about my hydroplane.

    I would find all the propellors you can beg, borrow, or steal, to try. I would start with a 11" diameter. When you could test the boat with different propellors, run the boat with different passenger and fuel loads. Depending how many porpellors you can find your tests could take some time...
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    Hydroplane prop help

    We need to what type/brand/model of hydroplane you have. We need pictures. Is it a prop rider or a tail drager? Is it a ski boat, drag race, circle racer, or a lake player? Is it z-drive, v-drive, or direct drive. HARLAN ORRIN
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    FALLBROOK HOT SUMMER NIGHTS will continue on Friday August 9. The theme will be off road vehicles and race cars. You may remember BOATS are off road vehicles. I have talked to the promoters about an area for boats. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. We need ot show up...
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    5.0 FORD IN A V-DRIVE .

    Has anyone run a 5.0 Ford in a 18' flat bottom v-drive?????? My grandson has a 5.0 Ford engine and wants one of my 18' Sanger v-drive circle race hulls to get into the performance boat scene. What gears and prop are you running????? HARLAN ORRIN
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    Need a good KTM bike mechanic.

    I will foreward this site to my grandson. He races orange. He has his own tracks, oval, up down and around. and straight line. HARLAN ORRIN
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    Tenaha Falls, up in the Ortega's ? anybody ever hiked it ?............

    When you take Volcano/Los Gatos south from Clinton Keith Rd., honk as you go by Orrin Boats on Doville Ranch Rd. off Cameron/Daily Rd. HARLAN ORRIN
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    What is the best thing you've ever been told by a physician?

    I told him I had missed several payments on his Ferrari!!!! HARLAN ORRIN
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    What is the best thing you've ever been told by a physician?

    He told me I was in good shape for my age 77 yrs. KEEP MOVING HARLAN ORRIN
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    Vintage Pics From The Los Angeles Area

    My grandfather would ride the red car from Pasadena to Upland to court my grandmother. My mother took the red car to the beach from Pasadena. I may have dated your mom in Comton. I would jog throu Compton home after baseball practice. We used to drag race on the 605 on the graded dirt, then...