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  1. Done-it-again

    Plumber Needed

    Looking for a plumber that can tie a water line in to a ice machine in my shop... Any recommendations? Located in Ontario.
  2. Done-it-again

    Cape Coral FL Trip

    Heading out last minute for a week down in Cape Coral Fl. First we need to drive to Las Vegas in the am for our flight from the IE as flights were 2500 vs 5100. Crazy how much flights are leaving CA. Anyways, heading out to see my parents and their new home. I was there a few days in Nov...
  3. Done-it-again

    5th wheel bearing service needed

    After our Rushmore/Yellowstone trip my trailer has small leaky oil bath hub bearing from one of the wheels.... Who in the IE can get them all checked out?
  4. Done-it-again

    Feed Back on new home layout

    Looking from some feedback on our home layout....Its just the plan view and no details yet, but wanted to see what the professionals here see and give their 2 cents.... We know we want the great room, kitchen, dining little bigger. As for the Master, the architect did everything we wanted to...
  5. Done-it-again

    WTF, Now Gas BBQ’s

    When is this going to end? Yea use electric, but we might shut off the power when it’s to hot. 🖕 https://www.yahoo.com/news/los-angeles-ban-gas-stoves-234732096.html
  6. Done-it-again

    Our Vaca Trip to South Dakota and Yellow Stone

    Dave mentioned to post pics in the Memorial weekend thread. So here is my attempt to bring everyone along. I’ve traveled quite a bit but have never been to SD, Wyoming, Mt So off we go and first stop is Williams KOA as we do every year with family on Memorial weekend.
  7. Done-it-again

    WTB commercial ice machine

    Anyone one sell these?
  8. Done-it-again

    WTB Center Console

    Looking for a "fishing" CC for Florida..... 25-29 (under 30') length with twins.... Open to most manufacturers. Who has what?
  9. Done-it-again

    Weed pellets for your smoker.

    For all you smokers out there. https://www.traeger.com/wood-pellets/weed?utm_medium=email&utm_source=braze&utm_content=ecom&utm_campaign=20220401_us_calendar_eo_email_ff_product-multi-category_weed-pellets_sl-emoji
  10. Done-it-again

    Commercial concrete pad cost

    I know there a lot of trades in here. So I thought I would ask. I know this changes by region. But I want to know if my estimates are close. Looking for a 160x140 @6” pad for a building. Grading work and base would be done. Would Need reinforcements and forums, finish work. access to...
  11. Done-it-again

    Missing Person

    I’m worried. Where is lord Fauci? Havet heard or seen him on TV for a few days. Picture below for reference. Please call your nearest nursing home if found.
  12. Done-it-again

    Snow Anyone?

    Anyone else get snow this late morning/afternoon?.... My wife leaving the house around 12:30 today in North Fontana
  13. Done-it-again

    Restaurant recommendation Las Vegas

    Will be in Vegas for a couple of days beginning of March for a small trade show. Looking for a recommendation on a old time steak house . Been to Binions so looking for something different.
  14. Done-it-again

    Life Insurance question

    What do I need to know? I have been putting this off for to long and need to added it. Term or whole life? I'm 42 soooo theirs that... Looking at adding for the wife as well.... I know term is cheaper but whole life you can barrow against once it has money in it.....
  15. Done-it-again

    CBM moving?

    I came across their newer building for sale... Forget how long they were here, had a buddy that used them when they shared a building.. Looked like a killer place... https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/bS7HA330jx2GByrzTip1jtkvl1RaW4Out-hXPt2kt_E/725SLaCadenaBrochure%20122221.pdf
  16. Done-it-again

    Majestic c4000

    My cousin sent this to me, I’ll take one. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZbXW-VBbzF/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  17. Done-it-again

    Flicker carver C5 (scooter)

    Have 2 flicker carver C5 scooters. Kids don’t used them anymore. $75 ea
  18. Done-it-again

    Havasu express leaving tomorrow

    Last minute turn around trip to havi tomorrow with a trailer. Leaving at 8am. I know it’s short notice but I have room if anything needs to go. Just got to get it to me before I leave. North Fontana.
  19. Done-it-again

    SKB Golf Case

    Never used SKB golf case in great shape. $100
  20. Done-it-again

    Vax mandate back.

    A federal appeals court late Friday reinstated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) calling for employers with 100 or more staff members to require employees to get vaccinated or face weekly testing and mandatory masking. The ruling by...