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  1. bruddah

    Parker Toon Rental

    Finally making a trip back to the old stomping grounds after being in Norcal for the past 8 years! The Delta and Tahoe are fun but it'll be great to be back in Parker. Planning on renting a toon for a day or two... Can you guys point me in the right direction? -Lance
  2. bruddah

    Any BMW Mechanics?

    About to pull my hair out with my wife's car, 2011 bmw 328i sedan. She comes home and says her headlight is out and i think no problem, go grab a bulb. Well after getting the current bulb out, i notice it is perfectly fine. I put it in the other headlight and works just fine. All other functions...
  3. bruddah

    Bucket List surf trip

    I have dreamed of doing a boat trip in Indonesia since I was a kid and when the opportunity came to get a deal of a lifetime on a brand new boat, I had to jump on it! After having the discussion with my wife and trying to convince her to "understand" that a 2 week trip with the boys on the other...
  4. bruddah

    UK leaving EU and Global markets falling

    Pretty interesting move by the Brits... lots are worried it will trigger a chain reaction with other 27 countries in the EU. The markets are certainly panicking with the banks taking the biggest hit it looks like. I'm curious how this will affect us on this side of the pond, what do you guys think?
  5. bruddah

    Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

    unbenounced to me my wife has been taking the dog in her car (tan leather) to the dog park and not wiping her car interior down or using the seat cover more importantly. I get in it today to run some errands and the thing is filthy:grumble::grumble: What are some good leather cleaners and...
  6. bruddah

    New plates taking awhile

    Have had the car for almost two months now and still no plates... Dealer put on the old plates and the reg sticker was up in feb, I wish they would have just kept the dealer plates on rather than these to eliminate the headache of leos thinking the reg is expired... Anyone else have an issue...
  7. bruddah

    thieves in the keys....

    some friends of mine had 6 wakeboards stolen this weekend in the keys.... 3 off two boats that were parked in front of the house they were staying at... the thieves cut the chords holding the boards and took it all! so to everyone that leaves their stuff out, be careful... i hate fockin...
  8. bruddah

    parker 26-29

    plannin on leavin thurs or wed night depending on who comes... just wanted to see if any of you savages are gonna be in town that weekend... :D
  9. bruddah

    time to go....

    leavin for kauai in the morning for 5 days to visit some fam and get some good waves! supposed to be 8-12ft but it might be a bit stormy... we'll see! ive got the coffin packed with the 7'4 rounded pin, 6'8 step up board, and two 6'1's... so we will see how many i come home with:beer
  10. bruddah

    leavin for....

    mammoth in 15 min for 4 days of pooooooooooooow....oh and a bachelor party! should be madness and will have pics to document!:D::beer
  11. bruddah

    baldy got....

    24-30 in of fresh from this storm and it snowed a bit today! the soonest i think i can head up is thurs but it should be damn goooooood! jason you in?:beer
  12. bruddah

    roll call for baldy tomrrow

    i think im gonna head up tomorrow. get off at 7 and am about an hour away but should be great conditions.... anyone else going!?
  13. bruddah

    best deal for rv spot in parker?

    thinking of keeping my trailer at the river this year and wonderiing what the best place for the money is... also which places let you keep yuor trailer on the site and which ones will let you store and then set it up on the weekend your out there and for these do you still have to pay the...
  14. bruddah

    member spotting...

    saw a beige or silver nav with a schiada boats sticker and riverdavesplace.com sticker on the back at corintia and alga in carlsbad... i was in a charcoal dbl cab tundra with fire sticker and pb.com forum member sticker on the back and you stopped to tell my buddy that his trailer lights were...
  15. bruddah

    video of some testing we did last week

    after a roadraper we decided to do a pulley change at 130am and it actually worked out... went from 3 to 5 lbs of boost and gps at 82 before the change with a 28 pitch we are thinkin prop up to a 30 and see what we get! <embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  16. bruddah

    finally posting on rd's

    well im usually over on pb but always lurk over here and finally posted! plus theres a lot more fellow parker goers here!:beer