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    Quarantine Olympics

    Not sure who all is a fan of Josh Gates, host of Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel but, during this quarantine he is doing a show from his home called Josh Gates Tonight. Since the Olympics are cancelled for the year, he put out a request on social media asking for people to submit...
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    A Little V-Drive Therapy!

    I can not confirm or deny when or where these pictures were taken....😁
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    Powell is opening!!!!

    Hot off the press.. Of course the water is low the bugs suck and it's too far to drive so DON'T COME HERE! 😁
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    Powell is open.......sort of....

    Information So, somehow taking my houseboat out and beaching it for the weekend isn't socially distant enough! :mad:
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    Knee Porn

    So in 2014 before my left knee replacement, my good friend and orthopedic surgeon took 35 cc's of fluid off my knee on the trail while hiking down Mt. Whitney. Yesterday, the same friend pulled 50 cc's off of my RIGHT knee. A normal knee should only have about 5 cc's in there. Getting old is...
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    RIP David Forney...that's 2 in one month

    So earlier this month I posted about Duke Carillo who died during the 1.5 mile run portion of the Physical Readiness Test. This young man died Thursday night when his room mate found him unresponsive. My son is very good friends with the room mate. The whole Brigade is devastated. I know it's...
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    Gone too soon, RIP Duke

    Some of you know that my son is at the Naval Academy and this is just devastating. By all accounts, he was one of the really good ones. So sad.😢 He has a twin brother and a younger brother also at the Academy. USNA News EDIT: To clarify, this young man is not my son but a classmate of my...
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    Hair Restoration That Looks Like it Works!

    If this has been posted before, my apologies!
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    This is pretty good but it makes you wonder what all of the wannabe gangster thugs would be like today if they were brought up on more Lynyrd Skynyrd and less Gangsta Rap!
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    Earthquake hits during make-up tutorial

    Really shows just how bad it shook. Probably going to Hell for laughing though:)
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    35th Year on Lake Powell

    I don't post too many trip pics but this was a special one. We've been empty nesters for a few years and haven't been able to have both kids on a trip in a while. This year we got our son because he had a few weeks before leaving to the Naval Academy (he is an E4 Nuke) and our daughter got some...
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    Any Merc Scan Tool Owners In The IE?

    Does anyone have a Mercury scan tool that I could borrow for a few minutes in the IE? ---Rob
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    Any Re-loaders In Need of Lead?

    I'm trying to find the best place to sell a bunch of Speer and some Hornady bullets in various calibers. I'm not sure if there is a legal issue since it is just the projectiles that I am selling. Mostly .30, .44, .38/357 and a box of .375. If I can legally sell it to an inmate I know it will go...
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    Entire Junior Dragster Racing Operation

    Entire Junior Dragster Operation The kids have aged out and it's time to let it all go. The cars: 2006 Western Racing chassis, 3.5" big journal McGee Terminator engine, Terminator clutch, 55 passes on the engine. Consistent 7.90s with a 450lb package. 2011 Western Racing chassis, 3.5" SR-71...
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    Do You Know What an Assault Weapon Is?????

    And many of these idiots can vote!!!o_Oo_Oo_O
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    Big Rig driver that flew off the 118 overpass last week

    So it turns out that the driver of the Swift truck that flew off the 118 connector and landed on the 5 freeway was the Father of a young man my Daughter dated her Senior year in High School last year. His name is Gus and he really is a great guy. He has been with Swift for more than 20 years...
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    Anyone else unable to run the new RDP on Chrome? I can only access it using Internet Explorer. I get this error: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
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    CLAY MILLICAN 3.631!!!!

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    One of a kind 1995 Chaparral 2130SS **SOLD**

    This is the first 2130 SST to come from the factory with a Big Block and a Bravo 3. In the 90's I worked at a Chaparral dealership as a boat tester and helped my Dad order this from the factory. After they got a chance driving it, the dealership ordered 20 more and sold them almost immediately...