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  1. wolfie

    Best Headlines In Weinergate (Or at least they should have been)

    "Weiner roasted by media" "Weiner stands proud in front of camera" "Weiner admits lack of control" "Huma heads home to confront Weiner" "Democrats call for Weiner to be pulled" "Will Weiner's career become flaccid?" "Weiner stands proud despite heckling" "Democrats clamber...
  2. wolfie

    Thanks for the advice!

    A while back I posted looking for some advice on what to do with the emblems my pops had collected. I'm sure that no one has wondered what happened but I'm going to bore you with it anyways! After a month of mounting them, here's the outcome down in our car themed basement.
  3. wolfie

    Happy 21st to my son

    My son turns 21 today. Over the weekend we flew down for a surprise birthday party. We told him that his grandfather was getting another award. We rented out a wing of the NHRA Museum as Greg Sharp, who is the curator, is a friend of my father-in-laws. About 120 friends and family showed...
  4. wolfie

    '57 Chevy 4dr wagon

    So my brother is moving out of his house soon and has a '57 wagon that's pretty much all there. If someone wants something like this, I think you could pick it up really cheap. I'm pretty sure all the trim is there. Needs some work obviously but it would be a nice project. He can't take it with...
  5. wolfie

    It's better to ask for forgiveness than it is permission

    My pops use to always tell me that. I guess when the storm blows over I'll find out!!! I guess it wasn't a good idea to buy a guitar when I'm redoing the interior of the boat. I won it on E-bay. Never thought it would go for that price!!!:D
  6. wolfie

    Dilemma - question for the RPD Peeps

    When my father was young, his father was part owner in a wrecking yard in L.A. He use to work at the yard after school and would pop the emblems off the cars when they were brought in. He gave them all to me when I was first married so I have an old Model T running board tool chest with a...
  7. wolfie

    For you guys that like mini-boats

    Here's a mini-cigarette for sale: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=11498769&cat=147&lpid=&search=cigarette And a little Beezer: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=11499523&cat=147&lpid=&search=jet
  8. wolfie

    Winfield & Watson's Gathering

    Just got back into town. What a great gathering of old and new car builders. Seen some people I hadn't seen in a while as well as meeting a few new people. Overall was a great even with over $15,000 made in the auction going toward the Projeria Foundation. My Father-in-law with his...
  9. wolfie

    Winfield & Watson Custom Car & Hot Rod Gathering

    Heading to Mojave this Sunday for the show honoring Barris, Bill Hines, and Sam and Chip Foose. Kind of incorporating it into a business trip on Monday. The F-I-L is one of the hosts. Should be a nice show with an auction to benefit Progeria Research Foundation (Foose's youngest sister died of...
  10. wolfie

    All you AZ peeps

    The wife and I are enjoying your hospitality and beautiful scenery here in Sedona for our 25th anniversary. What a beautiful place!!!!!!!
  11. wolfie

    Black Magic #689(?)

    Anyone know this boat out of Az?????? Saw it on the lake here in Utah Yesterday.
  12. wolfie

    Hey Bilge!!!!!

    You guys heading to the pond in the morning???? We'll head out about 9:30 at A/F!!! I think Flat Chance from PB might show up.
  13. wolfie

    Hey Bilge - Free '92 Jeep Wrangler...

    http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=7010177&lpid=&cat=264 Note the Temple-Worthiness part!!! Gotta love KSL.COM
  14. wolfie

    Happy National Boating Day!!!

    Congress has declared July 1, 2009 National Boating Day. This is about the only thing they've done that I agree with so far this year!!!:D http://news.yahoo.com/s/usnw/20090630/pl_usnw/july1_declared__national_boating_day
  15. wolfie

    Wife Boating Question

    What's easier, teaching them to back up the trailer or putting the boat on the trailer??? Usually my son backs the trailer. He's done this since he was 16 and does really well but he's 19 now, in college and chasing girls so I know he isn't always going to be around. The last time my wife...
  16. wolfie

    Long Beach Pike

    Don't know how many of you guys remember the Pike in Long Beach. Some of these old picture reminded me of this.
  17. wolfie

    Say a pray for my friend

    I don't know if anyone saw my post in TBI's thread about my friend who was sent home from the hospital while he was having a heart attack. They had misdiagnosed it as an anxiety attack. He is now going in for multi-coronary bypass surgery in the morning. What a father's day present!! Luckily at...
  18. wolfie

    WTF is happening!!!

    Got a call yesterday that a friend of my wife and mine (I work with his spouse) had a heart attack. Kind of a shock but not a huge surprise. He's over 40, a little overweight and not active, use to smoke. Tonight another co-worker was taken to the hospital because of chest pains. The hospital...
  19. wolfie

    What kind of oil do you use in your hair?????

  20. wolfie

    Ninja for hire!!!!

    http://www.ksl.com/?nid=218&ad=6296102&cat=&lpid= Some strange people here.