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  1. FreeBird236

    They're Back

    What the hell do they get out of this, it's not like anyone on here would be interested, am I missing something? Edit: in the boat racing section.
  2. FreeBird236

    RIP Ginger Baker

    Lost another legend @ 80. He was definitely ahead of his time. I was lucky enough to see Cream in the late 60's.:(
  3. FreeBird236

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen

    Anyone see the tribute band at the Bluewater Casino last nite? They were awesome, one of the tightest bands I've ever heard. Basically a bunch of allstar studio and stage musicians that have played with about everybody. Next date is 10-5 in Temecula, if you're in the area and like 60's rock or...
  4. FreeBird236

    Collinite 925

    Been wanting to try this for some time, but too lazy to order off the internet. West Marine had it on sale last week for $20 so I bought some, don't know how well it will protect, but the best shine I've seen on my boat and I tried quite a few. It's also easy on and off and doesn't seem to dry...
  5. FreeBird236

    Question about the Havasu Riviera South ramp.

    Maybe this has been discussed and I missed it, but I've been hearing rumors that the new ramp will be private, or at the very least state passes won't be honored. Any info?
  6. FreeBird236

    Alamo Dam Flush

    I remember reading the water might not even make it to Havasu, well that was wishful thinking. Driving home though Parker yesterday the lake looks terrible around the Havasu Springs Area. Wonder how bad Planet Ranch and the Peace Trail is?
  7. FreeBird236

    Havasu Refuge Closed?

    According to the Havasu News Herald The Refuge will be closed in it's entirety from Feb. 6th to possibly Feb. 16th for feral pig eradication. Could be finished in 4 or 5 days like last year or could go to the 16th. When they say closed in it's entirety I wonder if they are talking the main river...
  8. FreeBird236

    Sales Tax in Parker

    Stopped at Taco Bell in Parker yesterday, on a $10.00 order the sales tax was $1.76, is this a fast food thing or is the sales tax 17.6% everywhere?:headscratch:
  9. FreeBird236

    Dentists in Havasu

    Had a dentist in Ca. that I liked so well I continued to travel back to Ca. for dental work, there's been a few changes and I guess it's time to find someone in Havasu, any recommendations would really be appreciated, there seem to be many. Thanks.
  10. FreeBird236

    Clay Millican

    Even though I'm a Leah Pritchett fan, it sure was nice to see Clay get his first Top Fuel Wally.:thumbsup:tbi:thumbsup Over 250 races, 9th final round appearance, finally gets it done.:cool
  11. FreeBird236

    A Little Help

    I'm using a desk top and mouse and keep losing the scrolling function. It only seems to be happening here and only comes back if I click out of the site and come back, refresh has no effect. Other sites scrolling might hang up but a left click gets it going again. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    I wonder if Eliminator Has been moonlighting?:D
  13. FreeBird236

    RZR Lower Doors

    Just wanted pass on a little info, hope it hasn't already been covered. I just bought and installed UTV Giant.com lower door kits for my 20016 RZR 1000-4. These lower doors kits are a steal and made in the USA. @ $139.95 for a complete set, with free shipping and no tax to AZ. Made of .080...
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    Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder.:D
  15. FreeBird236

    No name calling

    Although some of you deserve it, I'm just going to the lake and celebrate.:thumbsup
  16. FreeBird236

    Boating Mags Free

    Most of the PowerBoat, from 2006-2012 Performance Boat, 2009-2014 Hotboat, 2006-2008. Just Pm me if interested, I'm in Havasu. Don.
  17. FreeBird236

    Marty have a helper?

    Haven't came though Desert Center for awhile, but last week decided to come home from Ca. that way. I got to the Iron Mt. cutoff and glanced to my left, I see a cart full of stuff with an American flag and a guy sitting next to it. By this time I'm almost passed and I think must be Marty, so I...
  18. FreeBird236

    Hillary's America

    Great job Dinesh.:thumbsup Donald Trump would have to be Satan himself before I'd consider voting for that bitch, but I'd still vote for Trump.
  19. FreeBird236

    Sago Palms and Dogs

    With all the dog people on here, I thought I'd pass a little info I just learned. The entire palm is toxic to your dog, but if they eat a seed, their survival rate is around 5%.:(
  20. FreeBird236

    Kasich out too

    Not sure it means much, but about time.