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    Who’s next

    So when sleepy creepy Uncle Joe can’t go on any further and the DNC pulls the rug out, who’s next? And are all dems going to be ok that the DNC is changing the rules? There won’t be enough time for a dem vote to replace him, so who picks? Will they go back to number two, The Bern? I doubt it...
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    More tears on the way

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    Favorite scene in Forest Gump

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    RIP Joe Diffie

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/joe-diffie-country-singer-dead-obituary-974556/amp/ The virus got him RIP
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    Post your quick vids

    Smoke show
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    Nadler let's out the truth

    https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2019/12/12/jerry-nadler-just-said-we-cant-trust-an-election-to-get-rid-of-president-trump-n2557874 Jerry Nadler Just Said We Can't 'Trust an Election' to Get Rid of President Trump Katie Pavlich | @KatiePavlich | Posted: Dec 12, 2019 9:30 AM Rep...
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    I’m in need of some entertainment, The Dow closed at a record 27681 on Friday. Now I just need the usual morons to come on here and tell me that’s not good or that Obama did it. Or even better that the Great Recession has started and the world is going to quit spinning.
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    #failed and ineffective

    Looks like common is a failure just like most of the liberal agenda in the past 10 years. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2019/10/29/national-math-reading-level-test-score-common-core-standards-phonics/2499622001/...
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    Tots Tora Tora

    The dungeon is under attack !!!
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    5 more years

    Judge ordered Trump to turn over tax returns. Only thing this will amount to is 5 more years of investigations and probably 20 threats of impeachment.
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    RZR build.

    So back on President’s day I broke my back in an off-road accident. I was supposed to build a new sand rail this summer. I was going to build a new Tatum 2 seater. The wife put the nix on that one, so did I kind of, really didn’t know how I was going to heal. So fast forward to May, we always...
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    RR bridge fire in Parker

    WTF happened? That’s going to be huge.
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    Joaquin MAGA

    So this backfired on him. I wonder how many more businesses benefited from his tantrums? https://www.theblaze.com/news/thank-you-joaquin-customers-line-up-around-block-at-bbq-joint-after-democratic-rep-castro-outs-owner-as-donor-to-president-trump
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    Question for 2020

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    Canal jump 10 yr old

    10 year old jumps the canal at Glamis. I think it’s pretty cool, do I think the parents should win parent of the year award... Don’t think so. Kid has s huge sack to carry them balls around. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0W5ny8FRdN/?igshid=17vzy9foe0mti
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    CBD for pets

    Has anybody used CBD oil for their pets? My mom’s dog has kind of made a turn for the worse with her hips. They have tried a few different treatments from the vet to no avail. She is an older dog and it will break my mom’s heart if she has to put her down. I have been doing a little research and...
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    Gfraud another one down

    All Hope is lost. https://apple.news/AXtLBei-ATU6-sRAXGzRKeA
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    What does this mean to you?

    I have never lost a family member in the armed forces, but have lost a friend. We have had many friends and family members that have sacrificed a lot to protect our freedoms. They have missed children being born, birthdays, weddings, family get togethers, children growing up. This represents to...
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    One of your guys fraudpa

    Is this one of the guys you sponsor to be here?