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  1. LazyLavey

    Helping A Friend Name His Boat

    For years A good friend and I have that "I'll do you one better" relationship and never miss an opportunity to knock each other... 1985, he buys an Eliminator Scorpion w/Merc, I buy a Lavey Sebring w/Rude (yes. I got my ass kicked) 2000, He buys a Lavey XCS w/502, I buy a Lavey XTSki w/454...
  2. LazyLavey

    Rapid Fire Flashlight

  3. LazyLavey

    RIP Fred Willard

    First saw the guy on Fernwood Tonight with Martin Mull Made me laugh hysterically .... Great casted characters https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/fred-willard-dead-86-martin-mull-tribute-1234608786/
  4. LazyLavey

    No More Mistress

    I kinda like "Sidechick" https://www.foxnews.com/media/mistress-ap-mocked
  5. LazyLavey

    I Need A Good Read

    I gonna need a good book (or 2 or 3) soon... Maybe some boating or surfing related. I just ordered the new Nikki Haley and Greg Gutfeld books so political I think thats all I can handle Suggestions? I hear there's several Don Aronow stories publicized but some not worth the read...
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    Thanks Bonesfab

  7. LazyLavey

    Dumb Ass on FB

    Seems stupid is awfully proud of his recent take Victim Identified, authorities notified No further details https://www.facebook.com/richard.gaber.3
  8. LazyLavey

    Now I Gotta Go Vegan?

    Last month I couldn't wipe my ass, now I gotta go vegan Namaste
  9. LazyLavey

    Go Ahead..... Run

    gotta love these!
  10. LazyLavey

    TRUMP Center Console

    A Florida boat owner had a quick reply recently after the management of the community where he lives wouldn’t let him fly a “Trump” flag at the end of his dock. Carlos Gavidia of Jupiter got a star-spangled wrapping around the outside of his boat, with the name “TRUMP” in capital letters along...
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    Stay Yo Ass In The House!

  12. LazyLavey

    MotorTrend.com special

    For you gearheads Motortrend.com $1/month (12 months) Motortrend.com/spring
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    Dr Vuong 35 Minute Corona Education, Interesting

    Don't know if this has been posted but I found it a very interesting in depth lesson on Covid19 and it's effects from start to finish I normally hate long winded youtube but this kept my attention
  14. LazyLavey

    Speaking Of Smokin, Meat Purchasing Deal

    This was offered to LEO but now open to anybody interested I can't speak of the quality but thought I'd pass this on........ Fresh, Packaged, not frozen Will Call Only.. We are a large beef processing and distribution company selling to restaurants and hotels. All of our customers are closed...
  15. LazyLavey

    Kitchen Cabinet Painter/Refinisher LA/Ventura County

    Referrals anybody?
  16. LazyLavey

    Friday Lite

    Never seen the 405 pass like this at 0930...... ... Probably never will again
  17. LazyLavey

    Range Day

    My Daughter takes 4th out of 25... (males). They've nick named her Annie Oakley
  18. LazyLavey

    My Tranquil Morning Was Suddenly Interrupted

    When in my head I heard that unmistaken and forever feared voice.... "GET OUT OF THE GUTTER, YOU'RE GONNA GET POLIO" The Simi Arroyo...... (aka, the runoff from the streets of Simi Valley)