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    Class reunions ??

    Going to my 60 wonder how many still alive
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    On the Water Boat Show April 5 - 7 by Cactus RV Marine

    Bought a Coach toon. Cactus did not fulfill the extras on the contract. Call them numerous times and no recall. Had to put hydraulic steering in it cause it was was way to hard to steer. 3000 and we put it in ourselves.. Just did my own service. No recomendo.
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    First car/truck?

    37 ford Coe paid 40 bucks and drove it away
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    Whos buying one?

    Dinner at son in laws he got all the fish. I gave him all mine
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    Whos buying one?

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    Whos buying one?

    Next year will be big.. John is bring back 150 lbs of tuna. Fernando got a 420 lb marlin .
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    Whos buying one?

    Wish you were in Mexico. Estaban
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    Route 91 shooting in las Vegas

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    Hoosier toon trailer

    Looking for Hoosier trailer near Parker az.928 916 8364
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    Air conditioning

    Try arctic Air. Parker. 928 699 3026
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    Need AC guy

    John also does a lot of LG mini splits in garage an houses. 20+ seer
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    Need AC guy

    Try arctic air. Local licensed, honest and very knowledgeable. John 928 699 3026.
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    Parker A/C

    UOTE=Wheeler;2487443]I have a friend that is in need of an A/C guy. What are the options in Parker? Thanks! Wheele. Did you forget about my son in law. Or are you mad again. John at arctic air local and liscened. And HONEST. Reno
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    1979 21' Schiada RC Twin Turbo

    Sorry about that. 928-916-8364
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    1979 21' Schiada RC Twin Turbo

    1979 schiada 21 rc twin turbo , t-400, c-500 32 gears, all new stainless transom, fully capped,60 gal metal tanks,bimini top, cover,. $52,000 928-916-8364
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    WTB 21RC or 22DC ( no step down)

    Where you at come and take some more and hava cervesa
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    WTB 21RC or 22DC ( no step down)

    Thanks. Got any more?? That's an old one
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    WTB 21RC or 22DC ( no step down)

    I. I sent pictures to Tony. He must have chucked them