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  1. ramos45

    No longer available Bravo 1 lower case and guts

    No longer available
  2. ramos45

    Misc items, water pumps, blower pulley/shaft, batt tray

    Misc items for sale. All were ran on my previous boat until replaced with other parts as I upgraded. Went from stock Merc 365mag to rebuilt to 177 blowers, to 250 blowers. -Gil battery tray group 27 $50 -10 Rib 177 blower lower pulleys $30 each -10 Rib 177 blower upper pulley $30 The rest are...
  3. ramos45

    Sold Lg galvanized box anchor, rode, fenders

    2 8.5x27 fender with line - $15each 2 uninflated 8.5x27 fenders (never used) - $10 each 1 lg box anchor with bag $150 Anchor rode in bag, 1/2 inch twisted nylon with galvanized thimble. One is 150ft the other 250-300ft. $30 for 150ft, $50 for the 250-300. I made them years ago.
  4. ramos45

    Misc Stuff

    Lot's of random stuff here. I took these pics quickly this morning to get this up. I'll update with the jet sizes later. the fittings are all -10 or 5/8 push on hose. Blower shop dual carb adapters: $100ea or $175 for both Distributor: $125 Flo-Torq hub kit: $40 Spark plugs: $30 Perma cool 113...
  5. ramos45

    SOLD No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch SOLD

    Andersen No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch 3394. Nothing wrong, simply no longer need it. $250
  6. ramos45

    SOLD Hardin Marine SS Impeller Housing Bravo 1

    I bought this when troubleshooting a water intake problem. Turned out it was the water inlet hose between the gimbal and bellhousing. I bought the housing kit mid season 2020 and installed fittings that I had laying around from another project. $175
  7. ramos45

    SOLD Props Bravo1

    I'm located in Las Vegas near Tropicana and the 95. I sold boat so now listing whatever I have of value as I go through it. These are also up for sale locally so I'll try to keep this updated promptly for any changes. Bravo 1, LH/RH 26p, with hubs, $700. I ran these the most. One ear has been...
  8. ramos45

    Bye bye Scarab, cool story

    I bought my 89 Scarab III this month 10 years ago from a local guy here in Vegas. During that time I think I've put more into it than what I paid for it, rebuilt engines, complete bilge/transom rebuild, hydro steering.....the list goes on and I learned a ton along the way and know my boat like...
  9. ramos45

    Bravo 1 Props LH RH 22 Pitch

    Props for sale without hubs. RH has a nick you can see in the pics but still ran well. $450 for both.
  10. ramos45

    Corsa Exhaust tips with baffles, 2 pair

    Corsa tips with the double pancake welded baffles inside. You can see in the pics one of them looks like an attempt was made to remove one baffle but it's still there and solid. I ran these for two seasons. I also have the rubber gasket that came with these but they are caked with Life Seal...
  11. ramos45

    Hello from Vegas

    Hello to all. This forum is one I frequent when in between work projects(helps break up the day). Needless to say there's a lot of interesting threads started daily. I boat on Lake Mead only so far but hope to hit Havasu for an end-of-season trip this year. Boat is in slip until end of Sept...