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    School me on Flagstaff for the weekend.

    Im not sure about Flagstaff specifically but I recommend checking out Sedona and the town of Jerome out near Cottonwood. I love passing through Flagstaff and would like to hear about more to do in the area also.
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    Sunk Houseboat Lake Powell

    Anyone have an update on this?
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    Sure do things different in the Midwest

    Damn I wonder how many of those miles are rental miles? What company provided the rental?
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    Post up your off road toys it’s riding season

    2021 SuzukiRMZ450 and a 1984 Yamaha 225 DX 3 wheeler. Maybe next season the Banshee will be ready.
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    Old American Photos

    I love the Old pics keep them coming.
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    '94 Top Gun 38

    This boat is beautiful gees. I wish I could.
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    baddest ATV

    Copy that I will check on those thanks. I was wondering why I’ve never seen this style before. The new ones look so much better.
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    baddest ATV

    Great thread! I’m building a banshee right now.
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    [SOLD] 2007 Eliminator Daytona 22

    Wow amazing, immaculate boat.
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    Hey LAM, another pos followed me home. A Hallett Flatty Thread

    Wow nice project there! How did you find the block? I’m tying t find a BBC 4 bolt main block to start putting together.
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    Rivian goes balls deep to launch boat

    That whole scene looked like an accident waiting to happen. Ppl hanging on and running next to the boat and trailer as he backed in and pulled out.
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    Plastic utensils now a crime?

    I do go to Starbucks often and a handful of employees I can tell hate giving straws out. Fucken new age hippies
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    I found a guy on offer up selling generators a few years ago. He had a bunch of brand new ones in his back yard in a shed. I didnt ask where he got them from. I only paid $500 for mine brand new. He was in Ontario/LA area. I just checked and I don’t have his number anymore
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    I have no experience with either but I have a similarly setup. I would probably pick the one with the higher output but I would read everything I could find about the two of them before I bought. It’s sure great when the power is out and you’re running the necessities at home. Here is the one...
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    Idiots are out in force! Post your Memorial Day pics! Lol

    Haha all that just to not get out of the car. I would have had to stay to watch that lol.
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    Caution: Drag Boat Racing Content

    Wow that’s impressive! Sounds so good with those high RPM’s
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    *SOLD* 1991 Ford Explorer

    Man that is sweet!
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    Taco Cart caterer

    Here’s the guy I mentioned. I highly recommend them they make some awesome tacos with all the fixings.
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    Taco Cart caterer

    I have a good one that comes to my work. I have their business card in my locker, I will post their info tomorrow.
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    2007 Sandstorm Fabrication 4 Seat Sandrail - 35K (SOLD)

    why a sxs over this!? I always say I’d much rather own a car like this if I was in the market. Beautiful car!