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  1. Electric Mike

    New Hallett

    I've been looking at buying a new Hallett. I saw a great deal on a 255 at "Legend Performance Marine". I talked to Chad. He told me that boat was sold. He also said couldn't sell me a new boat because I was out of his area. Even though he had nothing to gain he spent a lot of time helping me...
  2. Electric Mike

    Looking for a Hallett 255

    I'm looking for a Hallett 255 WTOB. If you're selling now or sometime in the near future please let me know. Thank You
  3. Electric Mike

    Hallett 255 Open Bow Walk Through new build

    I'm thinking about having Nordic build a new Hallett 255 Open Bow Walk Through. I'm looking for 255 owners or anyone else who has had a boat built recently to talk about all option ideas including engine upgrades. I have read the other posts and learned a lot from them. Thank you, Mike
  4. Electric Mike

    T Shirts

    Is Brent still selling the shirts ? I sent him a check a few weeks ago. I emailed him to see if he got the check and the email came back as undeliverable. Brent , if you read this my email is [email protected] Thank you, Mike
  5. Electric Mike

    Looking for Spectra 24 xs anchor light

    Looking for 24 xs original anchor light that plugs into top of dash