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    Merc Racing 400R Water Pressure ?

    Wide open throttle, 7000 RPM. Whats the lowest water pressure before the alarm goes off ?
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    90 foot Storage Unit for sale

    90' Storage Lake Havasu, 14' door, 13' wide. All paved, Store and Lock condos. Restroom, shower, Dump station.......$ 209,000
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    Lock and Store 14X90

    What price should this size unit sell for ? Fourteen foot door.....14 wide, 90' long. It is not a pull through, what do you think........Thanks
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    Best price on a razor 1000 2 seater non turbo

    Looking to buy a new razor 1000, 2- seat non turbo. Whats the best price OTD and where should i buy it !
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    SOLD 2018 Toy Box Sand Sport 22EX [24' ]

    I bought this at the sand show, Wide body, this will hold a 4 seater Can Am, ,electric bunks, 46' TV, 3700 Watt generator , AC,Micro, 3-way refrig, stereo DVD setup, Electric tounge jack, Used only a few times, Low milage on tires , It has a fuel station,spare, Dual batteries , Dual propane, BBQ...
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    Vintage Hotrod Ins.....

    Who would be a good contact to get hotrod Insurance Thru ?
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    Bare Hull for New 300 opti max.......

    I need a bare hull for my Merc 300. What hull from a havasu boat dealer would you put this on, I want to rig it myself. I have talked to Cheetah about their scorpion 23.... they said they would get back to me. Any ideas would be appreciated , Also I don't want to be in line waiting for ever...
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    Bought it three month ago, Used once ,Cost $2200 Cinema combo kit includes, 3 batts, controler, beacon ect..........Price to sell quick, My loss....$1300 Firm !
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    Labor day 10: 30 AM Channel spots open ?

    Second day of the holiday Channel is about 65 % of being full,, Whats up with that?
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    Wrap a Jeep Lake Havasu ?

    What place to go to for a wrap on a jeep wrangler, And what do you think the cost would be ?
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    Trump says to get the vax, Would you ?

    If Trump says i have been vaccinated and i want every one to be like me and get the vax, WOULD YOU ?
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    Horse power challenge in Needles ?

    I think thats what it was called last year. Any news of it this year ? Tony S was even there, Great event !
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    Where to buy Aluminum Boat, Havasu ?

    Looking just for an average 10 to 12 foot new aluminum boat, I have a new motor i put on a inflatable, little sketchy at 15 miles per hr. Is there an aluminum boat place in Havasu . What would be a guess on the price ?
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    Parker is there a Low level daily ?

    Week days how much does the water level change ?
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    Dirtbag Boat, No Dirtbag !

    Saw the boat I think, some one else driving ?
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    100 MPH Boat cost

    What is the cheapest Price tag on a boat that can go 100 MPH, How much to go that fast, List them if you have one, and what the value would be at this time.....Just curious.
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    Bare hull Nordic 21 Cyclone ?

    Can you buy a bare hull from Nordic. If you can what would you estimate that 21 cyclone hull only would be ?
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    Trump flags ?

    How long do we fly our flags ? Well they be worth anything like collectors memorabilia one day ?
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    To Clever or not ?

    If i put a clever in place of Max 5 on a 22 foot Talon ,I know it probably gain top end. What would it do trying to plane. Take longer time or less ? Engine is a 400 R.......Thanks
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    SOLD Rest-to mod 1985 20 sst Stoker Very FAST ! New pics !

    All re-done, New wires , Fuel tank,controls,Smartcraft Gauges, 2016 300 XS Mercury 3.2 stroker. new with only 37 Hrs. Motor was upgraded by Chris hoffman giving a few more HP,340 and still run pump gas. Boat is extremely fast , To many extras to list, Please no low ballers . Transome is in...