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  1. Enen

    Is Ben Kramer getting out of jail?

    Not a political post. With Biden pardoning all Marijuana offenses, does that mean Ben Kramer will be released?
  2. Enen

    New Take on an RV trailer

    Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Enen

    Baja Raptor Tours

    Anyone here done one of these tours?
  4. Enen

    How do you get the smell of dog shit out?

    We brought a new pup home a few weeks ago. German Shepherd. Forgot what a commitment a puppy is. Today, Jenny took her in the car for a ride. She was in the backseat sitting on her blanket. I guess she ate something that didn’t agree with her puppy stomach because she shit everywhere...
  5. Enen

    Quality Time Father/Son Project

    Today started off with a bit somber overtone in our home. My son will begin his Senior year in high school this coming fall. This morning we attended a memorial service for a school mate of his. This young man decided last week to take his father's handgun and use it to end his life. It was...
  6. Enen

    Check twice, cut once..

    How many of us have heard this saying before? I've always considered it sage advice, and try to practice this as it relates to my business. I am sure many of you do too. One of the guys that also follows this mantra is Eric from SC Wake. Eric stopped by my shop today with a digitized...
  7. Enen

    Nevada LLC

    Hey Nevada People, I'm looking for an attorney to set up some Nevada LLC's and act as the Statutory Agent. Any referrals?
  8. Enen

    BMW M5 Worlds Longest Drift

    These guys had to refuel the car mid-drift.
  9. Enen

    Ferrari catches fire at Formula D Long Beach

    Not sure what kind of FU money it takes to drift a Ferrari. :eek:
  10. Enen

    A Peak into the future of transportation

  11. Enen

    RIP Chad Ragland

    I just heard that Chad lost his battle with leukemia. RIP, he was one of the good guys. Cancer is the worst.
  12. Enen

    The Cheap Pay Twice

    That's a bit of advice that I received from a guy when I was in my early 20's and just starting out in business. " The Cheap pay twice" He told me on many occasions. " Once for the deal they think they are getting, and once to make it right." It's one of those tid-bits of pocket philosophy...
  13. Enen

    Windows PC ?

    I've been running Mac's exclusively since 2009. Our shipping company has an api that only runs on a Microsoft format. It seems like a simple solution is to put a PC in our warehouse and use it exclusively for printing shipping labels. Any recommendations on a cheap PC that will be used...
  14. Enen

    Competition for crying Jordan?

  15. Enen

    Thought I'd leave this little gem right here.

  16. Enen

    Toyota Parts Hookup

    Do we have a go to guy for Toyota Parts? I am looking for a camshaft position sensor for a Toyota 7mGE engine. I found one on Ebay. Having a bit of sticker shock at the asking price. Do we have anyone on here that has a line on where I can find one of these things...
  17. Enen

    Toyota 2JZ

    My son turned 16 this past December. We picked him up a 1990 Toyota Supra. Fun little car, has a turbo motor in it. The current engine is a 7m GTE. The next generation Supra had an engine designated the 2JZ. This is the darling of import tuners. People are getting some big power out of...
  18. Enen

    Guns n Roses

    No literally. For Valentines Day.
  19. Enen

    My new coffee mug

  20. Enen

    Our Medical System SUCKS!!!

    Non-political rant. This system sucks. After seven years of medical training and hard work, my very good friend has been fired after one minor indiscretion, and I think its outrageous. He slept with one of his patients and now can no longer work in the medical profession that he loves...