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  1. motormonkey

    Any new 21 River Cruiser builds?

    They are in the schiada section.
  2. motormonkey

    Speaking in metaphors - WTF does that mean

    She's so ugly she would make a train take a dirt road Shivering like a squirrel shitten peach seeds
  3. motormonkey

    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    The sky is not falling in my opinion. If you bought pre covid with a low fixed rate, who cares what the market does. Your mortgage would be so low that you have nothing to lose. The people that are going to hurt in this are the business side of buying and selling, speculators, flippers, and...
  4. motormonkey

    My 69 SS Nova

    Nice looking car. Always liked that gm green.
  5. motormonkey

    What model Lavey is this? I know it’s a 1989.

    I could be interested in it. Sending a pm.
  6. motormonkey

    Whirl a way

    On drag cars with big turbos we run dump valves on the trans to help get them to spool. I don't see why you couldn't run one to the ignition kill to dump case pressure to clutches.
  7. motormonkey

    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    Congratulations on everybody that bought houses to this point. I don't think we will ever be able to buy money so cheap again in our lifetimes. The market will seesaw on price with interest rates as always in history. Just it's we have never had the swings so fast and wild.
  8. motormonkey

    Peek behind the Fed’s curtain…

    I thought we were just talking in here haha. I was commenting on the title. There isn't a video or article alive that can tell us what we already don't know about the fed. Since I've have been around long enough to realize that every chairman says the same thing, they don't know what's going...
  9. motormonkey

    Peek behind the Fed’s curtain…

    Haha. The fed doesn't have a curtain. Just a blindfold. Plus inflation is good for the government as their tax base goes up, the same reason they want to raise minimum wage.
  10. motormonkey

    True Detective

    First series creeped me out because it was based on real cases. Sic people oUT there. Good acting. That school in the show got tore down this year I heard.
  11. motormonkey

    Zoomies BBC

    Awsome, post up some pics. Do you a pair need zoomies?
  12. motormonkey

    Zoomies BBC

    Answerd pms. Anybody still doing big power blown deals?
  13. motormonkey

    True Detective

    Before you get to excited about the show. Just remember it's based on a true crimes.
  14. motormonkey

    So whats the problem(s) here...

    well your "shaft" rockers for a start aren't tied together.
  15. motormonkey

    Anyone know leblond regals?

    That's a nice lathe and have used those models before. I find that cutting threads take some practice to get down and every machine has it quirks. What problems are you having?
  16. motormonkey

    Zoomies BBC

    Bassett Zoomies with covers, used chrome. BBC $550 plus shipping.
  17. motormonkey

    Warehouse / Phoenix

    MRE, is an acronym for Meal Ready to Exit. That's some gourmet stuff you have thier. Why does it have to be climate controlled, was it ever?
  18. motormonkey

    Hafthor Bjornsson (The Mountain) to fight Eddie Hall...

    I like them both, but my money is on Eddie Hall.
  19. motormonkey

    Sites to give offer to buy vehicle

    I'm in the Charlotte area and know somebody looking. I'll send a PM.
  20. motormonkey

    Gifting protocol for kids team sports

    So I went with the gift cards as they earned it IMO. What a thankless job and they are seasonal part time coaches. The way some parents and kids act is amazing, fun to watch kind of stuff. I witnessed some adult tantrums and a couple of close domestic situations. Haha. Thanks for the thoughts.