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  1. ramos45

    New Pellet Grill/Smoker

    Masterbuilt gravity series does a good job .
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    Black Friday deals post here!

    Noco jump starters on sale at Amazon. Just ordered gb155 for $236 before tax. Normally go for$340
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    Best place for tires

    Please send info. I'm in need of some 315 70 17 load E.
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    Cast iron cooking experts....

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    2007 Chevy 2500 Upgrades

    I have an 08 LMM and use Kennedy lift pump, it's easy and you can prime it from under the hood for when you change fuel filter. eliminate that thingy at the bottom of fuel filter, came out of gym once to see puddle of fuel under truck, the damn thingy cracked on it's own. as far as tuner i have...
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    They're great dogs... until they are not.

    What are we all trying to conclude here...... who's asshole is the prettiest? Sounds like it considering everyone expressing their opinion as if it's gospel. We've all had our experiences that lead to our opinions. Can't argue with the stats given that this breed of dog is usually had by...
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    They're great dogs... until they are not.

    Pit bulls = assault animals
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    They're great dogs... until they are not.

    All are entitles to their opinions no matter how absurd or logical. Regardless, this is/can be a learning opportunity for many considering dog ownership and kids.RIP to the little ones and hope for a healthy recovery for the remaining couple.
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    Harbor freight generator 4000 questions

    No need to replace right off the bat, you could remove it and clean it out with carb cleaner but since that requires removing anyways then feel free to replace with any carb that meets specs. I've had to clean out my Honda carbs when sitting too long. If you're lucky just remove the bowl and...
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    Sad as hell at South Cove

    If i remember right GPS was around 45 miles from Boulder harbor to big sandy and big ssndy is 8 miles up from temple. Truly majestic up that way, I didn't get familiar with that part of the lake until the end of my boating run. Here's Thanksgiving of 17 at big sandy
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    Trucks . . . I have ZERO interest in anything 'new' . . .

    08 duramax lmm, 02 excursion 7.3 and 92 yj. All I can still take care of somewhat easily in driveway. Before the jeep came 2 years ago I had a 88 crx for 9 years, that thing was still getting 40mog on highway and 33 in town, 29 with ac on.
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    Good find and easy fix.
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    i had this exact issue on my last run in my Scarab and didn't figure it out until the day before selling it. i had twin big blocks so i had the luxury of swapping parts in attempt to recreate the issue but no joy. After all attempts and new parts I started at square one and removed the drive and...
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    Yellowstone, (spoiler maybe?)

    You guys give up on kodi or whatever the latest magic box is? Kodi still works just have to download the latest working addon and good to go.
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    Buying a new torque wrench?

    This guy, it was $30 cheaper when i picked it up in 2018 but i like the range and don't have to reset it to zero( i do anyways) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002XMSFIM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Space X 4 civilians into orbit

    I think a mission to Mars might stir up excitement
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    Space X 4 civilians into orbit

    On a lighter note.....4 civilians just flew into space and high orbit, that's pretty awesome!
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    headed out to mead....

    Crazy how things work out sometimes, sold my boat March 2020 before what i was expecting to be a busy season (the last season before actually listing it for sale). With the current conditions of ramps I wouldn't even bother, sure I can launch at 4 am to beat the crowd but coming back on a...
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    15 years later

    Good job. I'm on track with your driving habits. Bought my 08 used in 2011 with 115k miles, it was a Texas runner truck. Based on miles and internal clock avg speed was 45mph. I just rolled past 180k miles.