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    I got an itch for the Hole…

    Dan pretty much covered it …… lol.
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    Just Doing Their Job

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    I think twitter is done!!!

    Musk posted earlier today Twitter has seen all time high traffic the past couple of days. Advertisers should take notice….
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    Sta-Bil shelf life?

    I've used it a lot with good success. I can tell you first hand though, when it turns bad, it's REALLY bad. I bought a 2005 BMW GS 1150 from my cousin that had been sitting for nearly 5 years. He told me he put start-bil in it when he parked it. The old fuel / sta-bil combo literally ate the...
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    Trump files papers to run for POTUS in 2024

    IMO the only way trump wins is if the economy is so bad people are desperate.......which just might be the case. Every economic indicator in the world is pointing straight down. Who knows? Seems like we are living in the twilight zone.
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    Bidens great Job market is evaporating today by 10,000+ and counting

    FWIW - 4 people in our circle of friends were unexpectedly laid off last week. All white collar Pharma / life sciences field. Bankers have been telling my wife they are losing a biotech company A DAY to BK. It appears hard times are indeed coming......
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    We knew it ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) and here are the numbers

    So you’re saying the Biden administration didn’t add any additional spending from Feb 21 to September 21? FWIW I didn’t agree with the Trump spending either.
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    We knew it ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) and here are the numbers

    Trump was President in 2021?
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    This is embarrassing

    Actually the votes were counted in hours.......it was the lawyers and the cheaters that took so long.
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    School me on sand cars

    Totally agree about buggies, a well setup car is completely awesome. Have you ever driven a fast 2 seat long travel UTV? I came out of a buggy (several of them) and now have a fully built 3 pedal turbo Yamaha and it has totally converted me. The instant direction changes with 4 wd in the dunes...
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    School me on sand cars

    IMO - one important factor is what everyone else in your group is running. If your group is all sxs's go with the sxs. Especially in the dunes, the big cars typically take very different lines and run at different speeds so when everyone is in similar equipment it makes the riding more fun. I...
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    Can't Make This UP!!

    No problem? Dude 1 in 5 polling stations in AZ had “technical difficulties “. 1 in 5 !! If you think the fix isn’t in, then you couldn’t be more naive.. AZ is done. No reason to move there from CA now, AZ is simply CA East.
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    kerry lake is awesome🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    This graphic if fake guys, relax.
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    WTF Just how many is it gong to take before someone at begins to look at this BS?
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    2 seat pro R first ride impression.

    Don’t know exactly but it’s a lot! You have to do a full rockettes high leg kick to get in it. Actually kinda funny to watch short people get in...
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    Hey gear heads, which carburetor?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I haven't bought a new carb in decades which is why I threw the question out there. Honestly sounds like nothing has changed much. I'm trying to sell my uncles's 57 for him, it needs to be cleaned up a bit and get it running a little better. Now, it's one of those...
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    Hey gear heads, which carburetor?

    yes, spread bore.
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    Hey gear heads, which carburetor?

    Currently has a 50ish year old Holley on it, it's leaky and temperamental. Thought it would be easier to start new to improve it's drivability, also adding an electronic distributor.
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    Hey gear heads, which carburetor?

    My uncles 57 GMC needs a new 4bbl carb. The truck is completely stock with a 347 Pontiac BB, so I don't need anything performance oriented. Just need a smooth running 600 with a manual choke. Thoughts? Experiences? Edelbrock, Holley? or ??? Thanks ..
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    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    IMO the lynch pin on this whole thing is the job market. Job market holds then we will have a simple correction, if we start shedding millions of jobs it's going to be a bloodbath.