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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    Congrats to Denny Hamlin. Threading that needle for the Win! Only 1 of 4 Nascar Drivers to Win the Daytona 500 "Back to Back" in Nascar History. That is seriously Badass!!
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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    I wouldn't say He was taken out. Blaney nudged into him and said in his interview after the race that he wanted to get Newman through for the Win putting the 2 Ford Cars in 1st and 2nd at the 500. Blaney was clearly upset afterwards, IMO, about how it went down at the end.. I believe His...
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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    That truly is Amazing.
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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    The hit by the trailing car was bad enough but the aftermath upside down drop back to asphalt at 200 mph is hard to imagine. Still photos show it would be like dropping off the height of story roof upside down at WOT. Like Gorden said in so many words after the event, "even with the best...
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    Approx. a 50% jump in confirmed cases in roughly 3 days from 40,444 to 60,329. Note: U.S. Northern Command prepping for pandemic. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/02/13/us-military-prepping-for-coronavirus-pandemic/
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    LAM New 19 Ram 3500 Laramie Cummins HO with Aisin 400hp and 1000FT pounds Torque

    That IS the shizzzzzzzola right there. With emphasis on the word shizola. Nice.
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    updated 9 day chart since last post: Spike up of confirmed at nearly 4 times in 9 days.
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    RDP Site upgrade this weekend

    Looks great! Bold but with a nice clean simple look and style.
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    Oh man..that hurts. Know the feeling all too well. Prayers sent.

    Oh man..that hurts. Know the feeling all too well. Prayers sent.
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    Who is...........

    It's a villager from Kenya. I could be wrong.
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    Piece Of Top Fuel History

    Aussie Dave Grubnic drove for Mcgee racing back in the early 90's while eeking out a living riding shotgun in his buddies Toyota truck cleaning swimming pools around Santa Clarita. Our motors we ran in the early days of the Liquid Thunder Top Fuel Hydro were brokered through Robert Reehl and...
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    So the next plague is here

    https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3871594 Tencent briefly lists 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths from Wuhan coronavirus Tencent may have accidentally leaked "Real" data on Wuhan virus deaths.
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    Best SOTU speech ever....
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    Boat listing advice

    Outdrive1 is a damn good Dude! Easy going, prompt, knowledgeable through and through, super easy to work while working with both sides of a deal. Genuine nice guy!
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    Interactive map. 1st Screen shot taken on 1-24 (653 confirmed) 2nd Screen shot taken 5 minutes ago on 1-31 (11,374 confirmed) I give it another 7 days and you could be right!
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    Iran fired on US bases in Iraq?

    Only in Tehran can shooting a civilian plane down to the ground be reported as a "technical issue".
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    Iran fired on US bases in Iraq?

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-08/boeing-737-passenger-jet-crashes-in-iran-due-to-technical-issue A Boeing 737 jet crashed in Iran shortly after take off due to a technical issue, Iranian state-run news outlet ISNA reported. The plane, which was carrying 180 passengers and...
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    Iran strike in 3...2....

    Could put a quick end to it since Obama's $150 Billion couldn't hit shit!
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    Treason Gate

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    Point of order...