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  1. Motor Boater

    Anyone have a Pizza Oven?

    I kinda want one of these things. Anyone have one? Do they work good? What’s better the gas or the pellet? Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker, Portable Oven, Outdoor Cooking, Award Winning Pizza Oven https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VW7YLDL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HUXqEbYAK17KH Ooni Koda...
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    Go talk to your financial advisor. There is more at play then just your mortgage. Are you maxing our your 401K? Is your wife doing the same or contributing to an IRA/Roth? Take the tax savings first. The market is going gangbusters so I would make sure you are in it. I love the idea of a...
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    Toyota Tacoma

    I had a 2005 4 door 4x4 and it was a fantastic truck. I put 110,000 miles on it and had zero issues. Not one. Bought it with 5,000 miles on it for $28,500 and sold it for $17,500. As stated gas mileage isn’t great.
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    I got denied buying booze today

    I think the intent of the law is when two people (say college kids) are buying beer and don’t look of age they should both need their ID. That’s different then a father doing the weekly grocery shopping with a 7 year old kid.
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    I got denied buying booze today

    right. AZ stopped that rule a long time ago. I remember waiting in the parking lot until 10 so we could buy beer for the lake on Sundays. We were all so happy when they stopped that.
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    I got denied buying booze today

    I’ve bought alcohol at circle k probably thousands of times and never heard this.
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    I got denied buying booze today

    Stopped at circle k to grab some booze for the house. One bottle of Tito’s, a Pepsi and Gatorade for junior. Lady says I can’t buy booze because I have a kid with me. I’m like WTF? I told her I buy beer, wine, vodka etc all the time with my kids. My wife buys booze every week when she does...
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    Az state bmx

    Im in North Phoenix. I’d have to figure out what it’s worth. I’ll try to grab some pictures of it also.
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    Az state bmx

    I’ve got a redline flight mini with carbon forks and bars that needs to go to another home. I think he’s too big for a micro. He would only be in it a very short time.
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    Can You Fix It

    I love old cars. I have an 07 Lexus that I would drive across country right now. I talked to a friend last night that said their car is in the shop once a month. They have to rent a car anytime they go out of town. I thought that was a little rediculous.
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    Window tint (again? really?)...

    I put clear ceramic tint on the windshield of my new F150. You can’t tell it’s there and it’s supposed to keep the heat down. We will see when summer hits
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    Replica Vehicles / Kit cars...

    I love the stuff factory five does. All modern chassis, suspension, brakes and engines. The 65 Coupe and their 33 roadster are amazing. https://www.factoryfive.com/type-65-coupe/
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    What i learned at a pro golf tournament today

    yeah, you need to come to Phx. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I LOVE golf and basically don’t see any golf when I am there. Just lots of partying and gorgeous woman everywhere.
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    Lake powell questions

    $3,000 is about right. Depending on how far up lake you go gas for the boat will probably be $750, food and booze get expensive but cheaper than eating out on vacation. Our boat last year had an ice machine so ice was cheap. Tow your boats behind the houseboat uplake so you save all that gas.
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    What Beer did You Drink in High School?

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    Phoenix rental market

    I have a 3 bed 2.5 bath 1900 sq ft rental in Phoenix. It’s in a 13,000 sq ft lot with a pool in a decent neighborhood. Rents for $2100 a month.
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    Crown Royal....Is this any good?

    it was in the bag and in box and lived it’s life in San Diego so I don’t think heat or UV were an issue
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    Crown Royal....Is this any good?

    LOL. This bottle of booze is older than I am.
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    Crown Royal....Is this any good?

    My buddy was cleaning out his grandmas house and he gave me this bottle of crown. I took it out of the box and it’s got a freaking tax stamp on it that says 1974!!! The bottle has not been opened.