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  1. X Hoser

    Anyone selling Islander RV canopy

    PM JayBreww. He had one but may have sold it?
  2. X Hoser

    Flu n Cold Season. Anyone still use or have a Vicks Vapo Rub story?

    Used quite a bit by firefighters. DB's, GI bleeds, Vomit. A little bit on the upper lip helps out a lot with the bad smells;)
  3. X Hoser

    Pats Fiberglass closing...

    Last I heard he was working out of his home. Looks like Kornowski is going to get real busy!
  4. X Hoser

    Looking for first motorhome (possibly)

    Dave, I know of a 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus, 40', 400 Cummins, ALL options available that year, brand new Michellin tires, only 12000 miles, just shy of $400K new. Garaged it's entire life. Open check book maintenance and care. Asking $135,000, but from my research that imay be high? No idea how...
  5. X Hoser

    Trash can trolls - ???

    Worked for a H/VAC company for a while as a side job. Put the old units we pulled out and placed them on the curb. Told the homeowner if they weren't gone by morning we would come back and haul them away. Never had to go back!
  6. X Hoser

    Dealing with age....

    Fire service beat me up pretty good. Every time I go to the doctor with a new pain he says I have TMB. Too Many Birthdays!
  7. X Hoser

    Looking for a Schiada 21or 22RC for sale

    This is the one I saw on the Facebook Schiada forum. Probably the Best Buy out there right now. Looks real nice and clean.
  8. X Hoser

    Looking for a Schiada 21or 22RC for sale

    To get this thread back on track, a 1979 21' RC with 468 Dunsmore TT just showed up in Facebook Marketplace. It's in Parker. $35K I believe.
  9. X Hoser

    Looking for a Schiada 21or 22RC for sale

    I understood where you were coming from in your comment. I also understand the cost of custom rigging, motor packages and such, but boat prices in general are taking the "average" Joe that wants to have something "nice" out of the game. As long as the demand stays strong for new 6 digit boats...
  10. X Hoser

    Looking for a Schiada 21or 22RC for sale

    I don't want to take anything away from that boat, it is beautiful and I know hat it takes to re-do one of these things, but, where does it top out? I guess I'm just a little jealous that it is out of my reach.
  11. X Hoser

    Which member?

    I've used brake cleaner on small areas and it worked real well.
  12. X Hoser

    Need Help! Ford V10 Codes

    That is what I have read. Disconnect the vacuum tube and wiring harness. If there is still a vacuum the valve is bad as it should default to closed. As long as I am that deep into it I'm going to pick one up tomorrow and just change it out. Seems like a pretty common problem. Thanks again for...
  13. X Hoser

    Just got a new boat, "16 Candles"

    One of the coolest boats around! Congratulations!
  14. X Hoser

    Need Help! Ford V10 Codes

    I do not have access to a good scanner. Just have the one that came with the Banks setup. I think if the valve is easy to access I'll just replace it as it is not very expensive. Access in the motorhome may be tough tho because I believe it is towards the back of the motor? I'll have to see how...
  15. X Hoser

    Need Help! Ford V10 Codes

    I keep getting codes on a Ford V10, F53 Motorhome. (Has the Banks Kit but running stock program). First Time, after adding fuel. (Not a fill up). Check engine light came on. Tightened the cap and after 3 cold starts light went off. Then, a few days later, light back on. Codes P0148, possible...
  16. X Hoser

    RV Destinations / Camping

    Chula Vista RV Resort is very nice. On the Bay but a little pricey. Same with Ventura Beach RV Resort. Buellton is one of our favorites. A little more "privacy" if you stay on the south end but really nowhere in the park is bad. Walk to Anderson's Split Pea Soup Restaurant, coffee shops etc. Day...
  17. X Hoser

    New Extinguisher-Boat, SXS, RV

    Haven't seen or used one so a little sceptical. Not being UL tested/approved concerns me too. Then there is the $79 for a single use seems expensive to me. But, I like the compact design for carrying in a car of boat. Would need to see and test it to be convinced.
  18. X Hoser

    Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

    Mine has a lifetime warranty against chipping and cracking. Call the installer and ask about yours.
  19. X Hoser

    Where Can I Get A Good Steak?

    Witch Academy? Mt. SAC? Trust me, he will just enjoy your company. Flemings is great but no way I'm paying those prices! Fire up the BBQ or smoker, cook great meal and celebrate at home. It just doesn't get any better that that!