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  1. River Lynchmob

    Trump...set up his own impeachment?

    Anyone else think Trump set up this whole impeachment farce to expose the Biden's, deep state et at? He has done nothing but dare them to impeach him since it started. Had the phone transcripts ready to go with in days. Now Pelosi says she may not turn the House articles over to the Senate. She...
  2. River Lynchmob

    New Nordic?

    You're talking about Mike Smith. This one is supposed to be Randy's, but that could change.
  3. River Lynchmob

    Just sitting here in the garage..

    About 3 blocks from him.
  4. River Lynchmob

    Just sitting here in the garage..

    Happy b day bud. I drive by that boat every day.
  5. River Lynchmob

    Golf in havasu

    Emerald is great. They just finished overseeding a couple weeks ago. Should be in great shape.
  6. River Lynchmob

    My Winter Bronco Build

    Looks great...but is this an RD 2 weeks?
  7. River Lynchmob

    Sand Sports Super Show

    Was going to go but heading to Parker today for a week instead.
  8. River Lynchmob

    Anyone going to be tailgate fest this weekend?

    We're here about to cannonball in the VIP pool.
  9. River Lynchmob

    RIP Peter Fonda

    When's his sister going?
  10. River Lynchmob

    Golf cart lesson please. Bought now what?

    I'd go gas if I could.
  11. River Lynchmob

    RIP mr flyin vee

    Shit, RIP Jamie.
  12. River Lynchmob

    Dose anyone know who has this boat

    That looks like the McWinnies 26 Scarab...not sureif they still own it or not. The boat used to be in HB.
  13. River Lynchmob

    Canyon lake

    No tubing but you can surf on the back water.
  14. River Lynchmob

    Arrowhead Ski Races

    Ski races up there used to be every weekend from the weekend after Memorial Day to the weekend before Labor Day. Just isn't the same anymore.
  15. River Lynchmob

    Mustang or Camaro?

    ZL-1 1LE or GT 500...I'd take either in a heartbeat. I think I'd lean to to 500 personally.
  16. River Lynchmob

    141MPH Hallett!?

    I bet if those engines were on true dyno you might see 1200 to 1250...max.
  17. River Lynchmob

    People keep asking me what happened..

    Take care of it and follow the Dr directions to a T. Summer blew her foot apart 5 years ago and it's still not 100%...stiff every day and thr cold bugs it more. Take care
  18. River Lynchmob

    Miss you Bobaloo

    Great guy for sure...can't believe it's been that long.
  19. River Lynchmob

    New to me Brummett

    Maxi's old boat...that thing doesn't have much time on it. Nice pick up!