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  1. jadenchick

    Cabo San Lucas?

    It’s seriously amazing. The pics don’t do it justice.
  2. jadenchick

    Cabo San Lucas?

    https://t.vrbo.io/AXYlNjBievb We stay in this villa when in Cabo. It’s at Hacienda Beach Club right on Medano beach. It’s literally right on the beach and steps to the Office and restaurants etc. can’t say enough good things about Hacienda. Great fireworks show each night from the villa.
  3. jadenchick

    How much over MSRP 🥳

    I talked to those idiots at Rancho Mirage. Same deal. That’s why I’m waiting, I can’t mentally do it. Lol
  4. jadenchick

    New truck finally got here.

  5. jadenchick

    Christmas presents for the wife

    Well to be fair they hate it too! They are burning up ( hot flashes) and psychotic. Not exactly my idea of a good time. I’m not at that age but my SIL is going through it and she’s become a raging lunatic and constantly sweating.
  6. jadenchick

    Powerball up to 148 million 😂

    I got 10 twice! And one was the powerball. Not the big winner though
  7. jadenchick

    Real estate humor

    The LA realtor one is beyond accurate. They forgot to include the Cartier “Love” bracelet lol
  8. jadenchick

    Welcome to the family Hunter James Galindo!

    Congrats and he’s a biggie!!!
  9. jadenchick

    Kid Rock

    Yes it was a bit different, with new songs in there. But some of the same in the beginning and the end. It seemed like he was saying goodbye to touring….at least for now. I’m hoping he does another cruise or a resort again in the future.
  10. jadenchick

    Kid Rock

    It was amazing!!!!!
  11. jadenchick

    Happy Birthday RD

    Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  12. jadenchick

    Kid Rock

    We are!!!!
  13. jadenchick

    New kid rock.

    We are going October 1st as well. We’ve been on his Kid Rock cruise and his resort concert in the DR. Absolutely amazing!!! kidrockbeach.com
  14. jadenchick

    Sands sports super show, Costa Mesa Sept 16-18

    We just got home. Really busy. Speed booth was slammed.
  15. jadenchick


    Yes, I love them. I shop primarily at Sprouts. I love the beef kabobs and their chicken.
  16. jadenchick

    MEET Tank !

    Congrats! I love his coloring, it’s so unique.
  17. jadenchick

    Welcome back everyone..

    Me neither. I’m always confused about what it means.
  18. jadenchick

    Finish Line Auto Club

    Those units are beautiful. Is the unit in the front finally done? It’s massive, I think 5,000 or more square feet, they combined units.
  19. jadenchick

    Straight Up Bullhead

    I’m impressed he thought of his rear passengers. Lol