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  1. Dirtbag

    shit is going down in minnesotta......multiple vids

    talking to my buddy as he was watching looters break into his store and steal his shit....had to talk him out of going down there with his shotgun....said man let them take a couple packs of cigarrettes thats a whole lot better than taking your life fucking hate these opportunists
  2. Dirtbag

    Post your Trump parade pics here

    seriously the donald will absolutely retweet this!
  3. Dirtbag

    FYI windsor access this weekend

    wow campbell has got to be pisssssssssssed
  4. Dirtbag

    WOW! "Why California is in trouble" (not bashing your state - just reporting)

    I agree with your first sstatement 100%...dont mosst people get 8-12 weeks off a year vacation time? teachers that have been doing it 20+ years get paid handsomely no doubt.
  5. Dirtbag

    WOW! "Why California is in trouble" (not bashing your state - just reporting)

    teachers and administers of schools are grossly underpaid.....these people are responsible for educating our youth and building leaders of tomorrow....the compensation is terrible which is why we dont have the best and brightest becoming teachers!
  6. Dirtbag

    New pet

    feed him a mouse video it post on rdp
  7. Dirtbag

    Canopies - Swag

    that might be the best lookin shirt yet
  8. Dirtbag

    Use those SXS seatbelts!

    driving a sxs with no harnesses is crazy....they should come with harnesses
  9. Dirtbag

    Site 6 videos this and next weekend?

    haha its not the struggle...everyone struggles...shit shoulda seen me at windsor last weekend....its about the stupid sshit people do....thats the funny part
  10. Dirtbag

    Site 6 videos this and next weekend?

    Site 6 has to be a clusterfuck of epic proportions with all the people heading to havasu. Anyone watching the shit show and have videos?
  11. Dirtbag

    Flying to the River

    did the normal seatss....have never sat next to anyone ever....
  12. Dirtbag

    Flying to the River

    I have taken the train numerous times so has the rest of the fam. fullerton to needles is right at 6 hrs....10 bux round trip....we usually only need to do one way tho...highly recommend
  13. Dirtbag

    Mavic 2 Air

    i have the mavic 2 pro and it is badass! so much fun to fly!
  14. Dirtbag

    Help choosing new deck boat

    both manufacturers you picked are awesome. you cant go wrong. You are building a CUSTOM boat and that means nearly everything is customizeable. Whatever you dream up these guys can do. Within reason of course. I too was like you and came to this website for answers after lurking for awhile...
  15. Dirtbag

    The deepest channel into the river!!

    yup thats my line in and out
  16. Dirtbag

    Prop Slip - What are good numbers?

    i get to 5200 which i think is right for a 600
  17. Dirtbag

    Prop Slip - What are good numbers?

    ive been through a few...i have a 5 blade on there now but for the life of me cant remember the pitch...29 maybe? i wont be out till next week
  18. Dirtbag

    Prop Slip - What are good numbers?

    yep got it. and no i dont take it the wrong way. I tell people all the time shockwaves are the cadillacs of the lake. Built heavy and robust for a smooth ride. i have a 5 blade now and like it a lot better. way easier to get on plane. and yes i take it super easy out of the hole dont want to...