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  1. JB in so cal

    Anyone ship a boat on a trailer from east to west?

    Don't need exact amount but a ballpark if someone's done it. Trailer overall length about 26-27 feet.
  2. JB in so cal

    Who's this?

  3. JB in so cal

    53 years ago the actual crash from the beginning of the 6 million dollar man. Test pilot survived.

  4. JB in so cal

    ESPN brought back the Ocho....

    Slippery Stair racing from the oc fair...lol fucking idiots lol
  5. JB in so cal

    How's Havasu today?

    Launch lines shorter? With water lower there must be more beaches...
  6. JB in so cal


    anyone predicted this 3 months ago? https://the-drive.imgix.net/https%3A%2F%2Fs3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com%2Fthe-drive-cms-content-staging%2Fmessage-editor%252F1587668155625-415s.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&ixlib=js-1.4.1&s=053327869ad1150541ede4eaf994b64b
  7. JB in so cal

    "Welcome. Can i get you a cocktail and maybe an appetizer?"

    One day....sooner than later
  8. JB in so cal

    The flight manuals for the new vc-25b (air force one) cost $84 million!!!!!!!!

  9. JB in so cal

    Oh nothing. Just a 21 ship formation with the Blues, T Birds and Snowbirds....

    From 2018 when all 3 teams were performing close to each other over Labor Day
  10. JB in so cal

    If were so concerned about germs...

    Why do we have to reuse shopping bags at the store? Germs aplenty Why are day care centers still open and why are kids allowed to go to schools for free food and then go home?I Why are the self serve kiosks at grocery stores allowed? Germs on screen Just a few
  11. JB in so cal

    New Tv reality

    Mecum auto auction on repeat, repeating sportscenters, local....where is that book i started reading?....
  12. JB in so cal

    Any hawaii condos, timeshares, homes for rent in May?

    Anniversary. Just thinking about hopping on the dem pandemic hype. Week. 4-5 days. Calendar is flexible. Pm if not wanting to publicise.
  13. JB in so cal

    Iguana Marine, Lake Havasu

    Iguana was the second stop on the Magic tour. Needed an annual service and fix a couple things that for years have just not been quite right. Once Robert had the boat we discussed what I wanted to have done and he promised to get back to me with an estimate within a couple hours. He performed...
  14. JB in so cal

    Frank's Trailer Repair, Havasu

    My trailer was in need of some love and I took it to Franks. The main concerns were the front supports for the bunks and the fenders that took a beating dropping off the ramp at Black Meadow. While it was there Frank made me a great deal on 7 new tires at better prices than tire stores sell...
  15. JB in so cal

    2019 RAM Classic diesel Q

    going through the auto trader and there are a ton of Classic 2019 1500 diesels at really good prices. What's the deal? Crap motor? It's a RAM lol?
  16. JB in so cal

    If Bloomberg chooses Hillary as VP.....

    How long after winning does he hang himself?
  17. JB in so cal

    They always die in threes...

    Kirk Douglas, Orsen Bean and now Robert Conrad....like 278 years old combined lol
  18. JB in so cal

    Need some gel work, trailer and upholstery.

    Not just the guys we all know. Who's doing good work in Havasu.
  19. JB in so cal

    $130,000 Yamaha jet boat

    https://www.yamahaboats.com/27-ft-boats/275sd/quote Watching fort Lauderdale boat show...one they highlighted was $140k !!!!!!!!!! Ummmmm, ok
  20. JB in so cal

    If you see Dave at the show....