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  1. CoolCruzin

    House re-pipe

    I have a slab leak two locations . One under the damn kitchen cabinets. The other is in the bathroom down stairs The plumber said it’s best to do a re pipe . I have had a couple leaks before and cut and fix and repaired . What you all think Anyone on the board do this work ? San dimas area
  2. CoolCruzin

    Ammo in havasu

    Where is the best place to pick up some ammo in lake havasu . Looking the best price . I know there is few gun shop in town and not sure I should go . If I was going to buy a box or two I would go to the closest one
  3. CoolCruzin

    Fencing for the havasu area

    Trying to fine a few fence company’s iron fence and block to get a quote. I know there is Armor Fencing I found a few block guys but looking for a lot of iron fence to get done . Who has some contacts for someone ?
  4. CoolCruzin

    Car break in

    Never heard of this But last night damn low life broken in to two of 3 cars in my driveway . Yes they where locked Took stuff in the glove box and threw on the floor of the car We leave nothing in them at night . So they got nothing Trunk and door open on one Door open on the other Left the...
  5. CoolCruzin

    Wanted RZR wheel

    Looking to buy a stock tire/wheel For a rzr 28”/29”. Using for a spare used ok
  6. CoolCruzin

    RZR Service /maintance

    Time to get my RZR ready for the dirt. Where should I take it for the general maintance in Havasu . If it was my boat I would do it . I know nothing about these (yet) I have done oil but that’s it last Year
  7. CoolCruzin

    280 sport cat

    I was down at Cobra Boats today. The new 280 venom sport cat was real impressive. Nothing over looked . They had a bit more to do on finishing it up . The dash was clean no switches All digital screen . Took a few pictures
  8. CoolCruzin

    Wall guy LHC

    Need a wall and wrought iron fence guy for the lake Havasu house . Anyone have a good contact for someone?
  9. CoolCruzin

    Wakeboard/ ski Havasu

    Last weekend ( father’s day) The weekend the wind was blowing . The daughter wanted to wakeboard and we where down at the end by the springs. Started off doing some jumps . Then stay on the rope till she was tired and stopped just before steamboat . A long pull in bad water . But she had...
  10. CoolCruzin


    Purchase a rzr few months back . Don’t no shit about these tires being a boat guy . Tires came with the rzr These tires junk ? The paddle part looks good
  11. CoolCruzin

    Cobra's Unofficial Regatta

    Cobra's Unofficial Regatta Sept 9th 2017 Lake Havasu Az More info on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/456326304698613
  12. CoolCruzin

    Havasu balloon fest

    From Sunday night "night glow ". Damn cool to see . Never been to one before Saturday night was a rain out
  13. CoolCruzin

    Shop Help

    I thought I would post here and see if I get a response . We need a Machinist and CNC operator will (train the right person for the CNC position ) part time or full Small shop . Product Engineering San Dimas John@product-engineering.com
  14. CoolCruzin

    LHC excavating and retaining walls

    Lake Havasu area . Need a retaining wall built and haul some dirt in. Some also grating needed. Who to call and use ? Any one on the board? I feel limited looking at the internet .Armor fence is a no reply back so far . I'm lost I need numbers please
  15. CoolCruzin

    I-15 fwy

    Any one know how the 1-15 fwy is by the fire? Should I use rice road 62 in the morning instead ?
  16. CoolCruzin

    Engine rebuild

    Where's a good place to go ? I'm in San Dimas Engine need rebuilding , doing all stock for my 65 conv mustang 289 . Lost the oil pump and jacked up the bearings.
  17. CoolCruzin

    Hot sauce

    Where can I buy some hot sauce and vinyl sause today in havasu
  18. CoolCruzin

    LHC escrow closing

    After couple years we did it ! Found the house we liked in Havasu .Pulled the trigger couple weeks ago .No more hotel rooms or renting !!! Escrow closes first week of the next of the month !!!!
  19. CoolCruzin

    Havasu boat storage

    Seems like the town is sold out. I have been calling around for 32 ft plus ,no luck . Business in boat storage might be a good deal ..Last year the same thing .
  20. CoolCruzin


    Need some to repair electrical panel on a house .Seems like the main breaker. I haven't look at it as it is a rental . Thought I would ask . House located in Alhambra and I need someone in the morning as just half of the house is working . 626 827 2934