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  1. 236eagledave

    So I pulled this out of the lake today...

    I was headed down the lake about a mile south of Thompson Bay when I spotted this floating in the middle of the lake. . Looked like it could do some damage so I threw a rope around to drag it over to shore. I first thought it was about 4 or 5 feet long. When I finally got it to shore it was...
  2. 236eagledave

    New Investment Opportunity in LHC?

    Spotted this driving up McCulloch today.
  3. 236eagledave

    Sandpoint property

    Anybody know what's going to happen with the old Sandpoint property? Saw today it's been bulldozed. Expand Cattail Cove maybe?
  4. 236eagledave

    Westbound 40 east of Essex Rd at dead stop

    Airship on the road. 5:15pm
  5. 236eagledave

    Eye Dr in Havasu?

    Anybody have a recommendation for an eye Dr and place to get glasses in Havasu? Things are getting a little fuzzy. Time for an update. Thanks.
  6. 236eagledave

    East bound 40 is FUBAR

    Apparently there is an overturned big rig on east 40 between Ludlow and Needles. My daughter and grandkids have been parked east of Ludlow for about an hour now.
  7. 236eagledave

    Spotted a trick new style of Bimini out on the lake today.

    Give em an A for effort.
  8. 236eagledave

    Huge mess west bound 40 at Fenner.

    Big wreck wb 40 just before Essex road. Back up for miles. Avoid 40 if at all possible
  9. 236eagledave

    Found a German lady walking along 62

    Wife and I were headed for Havasu Landing this afternoon. Coming across 62 from 29 Palms we were probably 5 miles west of the 177 junction when we come across an older lady walking west. She asked if we saw an rv stuck in the sand back down the road. We hadn't. They had gotten their motorhome...
  10. 236eagledave

    Put one of these little beauties in jail today.

    Time to start stocking up on 9mm
  11. 236eagledave

    Who remembers or knows what this stuff is?

    Hint: you've got to be fairly old or have worked with old stuff.
  12. 236eagledave

    Amazing idiot on Fox discussing weapons used in San Bernardino

    I wish I had known this sooner. According to this reporter on Fox the bullet button on my AR15 turns it into full auto! https://youtu.be/HJGB80cSOGE
  13. 236eagledave

    Does anyone else have neighbors with barking dogs?

    I have this neighbor on the street behind me. His dogs just bark and bark all the time. So I left a letter in his mailbox. Hope he gets the message......
  14. 236eagledave

    Launch and load-who has to do the walking?

    How do you guys handle the launching and loading duties? For us the wife is in the boat and I'm doing the walking. Just doesn't seem right to send a woman hoofin' it after the truck and trailer. Plus back in the early days it was much easier to teach her to load the boat than back the trailer...
  15. 236eagledave

    Avoid Desert Center!!

    Desert Center is a cluster fuck. Opt for 29 Palms if you have a choice. Backed up almost to Magoo's just to get on the freeway at 3:30. Frontage road is closed as well.
  16. 236eagledave

    Made a new friend today on Lake Mohave!

  17. 236eagledave

    Rock Island Armory M1911A1

    My first center fire pistol. $400 on sale at Turners a couple years ago. A good entry level 1911. Shot it that way a few times but got tired of the hammer biting me so I decided to dress it up a little. Ed Brown beaver tail grip safety and extended thumb safety. Wilson combat trigger and...