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    2005 25' Daytona Walk Through Open Bow With Twin 300 XS Outboards

    The time has come to start building the new boat, so its time to get serious about selling the current one. 2005 25' Daytona Walk Through Open Bow With Twin 300 XS Outboards. $99,000.00 OBO In the last 12 months the boat has received the following. 300XS powerheads DBR 1.1 kit Rebuilt...
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    Anyone Near Sarasota FL That Can Look At A Boat For Me?

    Looking at a boat in Sarasota. Luckily with all this Covid shit going on, it makes it a bit tougher to just go look myself. I'd like to find someone to go look at it before I commit to getting on a plane. If its junk, then so be it. If Someone can tell me its a pretty decent ride, then I'll...
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    The River WTF

    2 things...... I’m only here 4-6 times a year, but........ 1- There is a TON of debris in the river! BIG SHIT!!! What causes this? I nearly smoke a log tonight, and there is WAY more reeds, sticks, etc. than I’ve ever seen. 2- There were LOTS of people stuffed in the sand bar at the mouth of...
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    Brand New Lifeline Jacket For Sale XL

    I bought this a couple months back and had it shipped straight to Havasu. Got here yesterday and tried it on and it’s too big. They are shut down because of the Corona shit, so returning isn’t an option right now. I’ll sell for same price as I paid of $465. I’m in Havasu until Monday.
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    Need Havasu House Rental March 26-29

    Seems most still have snowbirds until April 1st. Anyone have an open house we can rent for a few days the end of the month?
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    Eliminator Open House and After Recommendations

    Who all is going? My girl and I are flying down from Oregon to check out progress on my boat and attend the open house. We are looking for recommendations for what to do afterwards for a few hours. We fly out early Sunday so don’t want to travel too far away.
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    Commercial Plumbing Contractor or Plumbers Needed in Prescott AZ.

    We have been awarded a 130k sqft, 130 unit, 18 month duration ALF/MC building in Prescott. Typically we would self perform these (we do LOTS of them for this owner), but my travelling crews are pretty tied up right now. I am looking for a local(ish) plumbing contractor that would be willing the...
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    Anyone have experience with it? On paper it seems like a no brainer, $1k for warranty to 100k miles with $100 deductible. Car is a 2017 Toyota Corolla with 24k miles currently. Most of these warranties cover basically nothing. Their speech and propaganda indicates theirs covers damn near...
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    Need Boat Taken From Havasu To Eliminator

    Just as the title reads. My 25 Daytona is in my storage in Havasu and needs to get to Eliminator next week. Anyone looking to make a few bucks, or have a buddy who tows a few things around for some extra cash?
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    I know some here think he’s an asshat, but the guy captured a killer pic of myself and 2 other inmates in SF a week or 2 back. He sent me the best resolution pics he had, I picked what I thought was the best one, and had it printed poster size for my office. The frame sucks more dick than Elton...
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    2003 25 Daytona Standard Deck 496HO

    Just like the title says..... 2003 25 with standard deck. 496HO with approx 250 hours on it. Bravo drive that was new 3 years ago. SS water pump housing, wind deflectors that attach with pin cleats (not the ugly grab bar shit). Boat is damn clean overall and went through a mild renovation in...
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    INSURANCE........ WTF

    So my 25 Daytona has gone from $1800 last year, to $2500 this year. Nothing has changed, no claims, no reason that I can see. 25 Daytona, WTOB, twin 300ob, 112mph, several years of CAT experience, lots of experience and way higher speeds in boats. Never had a marine claim. Currently through...
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    So I have been all over the map with buy or not to buy, and RD's deal at the Sand Show really turned up the interest. But, I have some questions. WHY IN THE F DO THEY HAVE SO MANY MODELS?? These questions are all in regards to the 2019s. (In my limited knowledge, I decided I don't need a 2020...
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    I know there are a few pilots on here who know about the Flying Cowboys. Mike crashed Draco on takeoff with his wife and his friend on board. All 3 are ok, the plane is a total loss. Mike is an incredible pilot, and also an incredible aircraft builder! I was really looking forward to seeing...
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    My dad and I are flying down from OR for this event. Have tickets already, but looking for some advise on where to fly into, where to stay, what are the must see and do of the event. We'll fly down Wednesday evening so that we can catch the sportsman's stuff on Thursday, then fly out Monday...
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    Boats And Shows tonight! I applaud you sir. I know there’s some personal nonsense that you deal with, I know its a bit of a dance, I know you’ve banned a few (and I hope there is a few more) but I think the new direction is spot on the best way to go! One of these days I’ll be in town when it’s...
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    2016, full warranty until September of 2020. I purchased the car as the second owner with 6500 miles on it, and have put another 6500 on it for a total of 13k miles on it now. Car is basically flawless! A8 trans, sunroof, brass monkey wheels, carbon fiber stripes, black interior. Car has NEVER...
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    I know this place is anti wake boat, but this program is pretty cool. I've done it 3-4 years now. Today we are taking 200 foster kids boating for the day. I'd encourage everyone to see if there is a chapter in your area and take a day off and do it. There are 39 boats at today's event! Lots of $...
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    Havasu Real Estate Folks....... Question

    I'm not a baller like many on here, and I'm not there full time, so I don't need a mansion. This interests me! 45' deep garage, very simple, walled back yard, etc. Looks like a little bit of updating and it could be a nice place. What would you expect to pay for this...
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    2009 27 Daytona 525

    Listing for a buddy. @FlyByWire and @Dirtbag have both seen this boat. Orange has a pile of "pearl" in it, the boat is BEAUTIFUL! 220 hours, always stored in a climate controlled shop here in Oregon. $79,900 OBO