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  1. wallnutz

    Riverside County Fire

    Those pilots are bad ass, watched them do multiple drops last weekend in AZ.
  2. wallnutz

    Escape from LA

    I’m laughing at your reasoning. It’s Trumps fault thousands of liberals from California are fleeing to AZ to escape. It’s Trump’s fault the southern part of AZ is Hispanic that traditionally vote D. Also I understand there is a pretty good amount of New Mexico people moving here too and guess...
  3. wallnutz

    Escape from LA

  4. wallnutz

    Escape from LA

    So you voting for Kelly?
  5. wallnutz


    You can’t make this shit up. Fox in Phoenix reporting that Floyd had the rona Autopsy: George Floyd was carrier of COVID-19, had no lung damage or symptoms https://fox10phoenix.com/news/autopsy-george-floyd-was-carrier-of-covid-19-had-no-lung-damage-or-symptoms
  6. wallnutz

    LAPD defunding

    It means you have another reason to leave the fucking fantastic weather of California. 😂
  7. wallnutz

    2nd Degree Murder in Floyd Case

    Good info
  8. wallnutz

    2nd Degree Murder in Floyd Case

    New riots in 6 to 8 months after the acquittals. Should have stuck with murder 3 and charged the others with some sort of manslaughter.
  9. wallnutz

    Republicans for the rule of law...

    So you will be supporting Kelly?
  10. wallnutz

    Disgusting Behavior

    If you can stomach it, turn on CNN or MSNBC for a few minutes and you will see why squeezy and Jen are so uptight. Holy shit they spew some shit.
  11. wallnutz

    So my daughter...

    Gee dad, you did something right🤣 Congratulations on raising an outstanding young woman!!! You should be very proud👍😎
  12. wallnutz

    Richie is laid up..........

  13. wallnutz

    Reno Hot August Nights Cancelled

    Dammit, was going to be the first long trip in the new RV.
  14. wallnutz

    180 change in Narrative WTF

    Exactly, page 1 in the liberal playbook.
  15. wallnutz

    Richie is laid up..........

    Heal up quick and right RR. Never a good time to be laid up, but this has to be the worst.🙏
  16. wallnutz

    Got a text from a friend

    Was just there Saturday when I was up there. Actually turned around in their parking lot. It was packed with people trying to help move livestock away from the fire. Still haven't heard back from my friend that lives in Rancho Manana, but I know he is good from others. Sounds like fire burned...
  17. wallnutz

    Serious question, is this America being great again?

    Your pushing all the buttons, but haven't hit the right sequence yet😳
  18. wallnutz

    Curfew as it applies to Lake Havasu.

    What, common sense prevails.😜🍻😷
  19. wallnutz

    F THIS SHIT.....

    So you saw it happen, that explains a lot.🧐
  20. wallnutz

    F THIS SHIT.....

    No one is justifying a kid getting pepper sprayed. But until this last post you didn’t condemn it. As for the cops badge being covered, who knows if he really is a cop. Who knows what the policy was? so did you come up with a video of the kid getting pepper sprayed? How do you know that the...