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    The coons are out tonight...

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    Mud flaps

    the internet has ruined me I swear...
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    2021 Escalade

    the escalade is gonna be in the shop WAY less than any ford ecoboost junk motor and transmission. im done with ford gas engines. not to mention dismal real world mpg . only thing they have right now worth a damn is the coyote and that took years even to get right.
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    2021 Escalade

    we test drove a 20 escalade platinum with all the suede, etc... it was nice but it still said "I'm just a GM..." It'll be interesting to see how the 21 stacks up against the navigator, etc... wonder how that lm2 diesel is gonna do real world vs the 6.2 v8. Only 277 hp compared to 400 and a...
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    LAPD defunding

    Where are they going to point the finger when crime rates and murders skyrocket? Why can’t people have personal accountability? If there was no crime you wouldn’t need massive budgets for police. Fix the actual problem don’t complain about the result.
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    No more movie theaters?

    120” elite screen with a 4k hdr projector. Full 7.1 aperion audio system and 18” custom subwoofer. 1000+ movies in 4k on a Plex server. haven’t been to a theater in years. I’m glad corona has changed movie distribution toward “direct to stream” content. I hate the movie theaters. People...
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    DMV Stickers. Anyone know what to do with these?

    aaa told me only way around it is to have one of those camper trailers with a pooper in with an inspection and you can get back to a passenger truck registration. But if you take it off and get pulled over you’ll be screwed.
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    DMV Stickers. Anyone know what to do with these?

    That’s a cvra sticker. You have a gvwr of more than 11500 and an unladen weight of more than 8001 (3500 dually 4x4? Weight is like 8100...) and thus are not a pickup truck anymore. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/cvra_decal Don’t get caught hauling more weight than what you’re...
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    Cheap aluminum prop compared to a Mercury Bravo 1 22 pitch

    it should be the same except for high rpm. the blades will flex and it'll lose pitch. they're also a little thicker so you'll lose a tiny bit of speed overall. as long as you're not trying to haul the mail it should be the somewhat the same.
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    just loot it.......

    "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. "
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    Blackout Tuesday??

    and now the BLM movement doesnt want you posting black images... because when people go to the hashtags "blm" etc... instead of getting videos, its getting swamped with black images. So rather than doing "good" its actually ruining their movement. Awesome...
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    Facebook Live, HB Locals take over Main St

    at least get off the bike...
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    video: went wide-open in my turbo boat it was awesome!

    he’s got a bagged polished stainless steel dolly trailer. at some point do you think you’ll run it on more than gate pressure? Is there an impeller that will support that much power?
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    Finnegan opens up the jet bote

    Loved the episode. Super excited to see you out there having fun in your boat. How far away is that lake from you?
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    What injuries have you gotten playing on the water?

    Wife sat on my center rise header. Told her not to mess around getting in the boat. She decided to chat with her mom in another boat and a wake came and she lost her balance. We had to apply these sulfur bandages and she was in crazy pain. Note to anyone else, they’re jacketed but they...
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    Facebook Live, HB Locals take over Main St

    HB has always been that way... even back at the US open when they started to riot it was the locals that stopped the looting, not the police. Unfortunately that also adds fuel to the fire as the majority of locals here... are white. There has always been an "us vs them" throughout the history...
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    They got my work in Long Beach

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    They got my work in Long Beach

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    They got my work in Long Beach

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    ***WARNING*** Orange County Protest Locations tonight and tomorrow

    Protests in HB won’t end well. HBPD doesn’t screw around.