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  1. SBMech

    1979 Spectra 20

    The original Pacalon is still around...but very limited: https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/wood-grain-on-hull.158797/ Start your search there, good luck!
  2. SBMech

    Looking for a v drive Spectra/Howard 20-24’

    That's a steal at 14k. Swing away trailer and a capped 4 stringer V-Drive 20' Spectra....you should just finish it and make it the monster you are intending it to be!
  3. SBMech

    Looking for a v drive Spectra/Howard 20-24’

    There is a ton of work into that particular Spectra 20. I doubt he would ever sell it minus power, as that is what adds value to the package, since it's a complete setup 100MPH+ boat. Besides the fact that it was Greg's boat. Here is the story for anyone interested...
  4. SBMech

    I have a Request for the Mods.

    Thank you Mods for the PM and the information that all edited posts will show who edited it from now on!
  5. SBMech

    Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

    I want to ride that so bad! 🤪🙃😈
  6. SBMech

    Need a good set of large snap ring pliers.

    The Knipex tools are far superior to most. I have a couple of specialty ones that are awesome for big clips like bearings etc. I'll post em up tomorrow when I get in the shop.
  7. SBMech

    School me on wiring

    A few tips. Relays are rated just like fuses. Wiring is rated for Amperage. Consult google for an easy chart showing what gauge wire is rated for what amount of continuous current. Run a fuse at least 10 amps higher rated than the electrical device you are activating. Double the amperage for a...
  8. SBMech

    I have a Request for the Mods.

    It used to show a deleted post and who edited/deleted a post if it was edited/deleted. What kind of place is RDP turning into? Next thing you know the Good Morning post will have to be inclusive with Berkas and Ladybois. 🤮
  9. SBMech

    Back at home......

    Hoping you have a swift recovery OT, glad to hear things went well!
  10. SBMech

    I have a Request for the Mods.

    I request that if you are going to edit my posts' content, you at least take credit for it. Don't make it look like I deleted a post or edited it. I mean what I say to others, especially when they attack other members with cowardly insults.
  11. SBMech

    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    Wow....comparing the German militarization of the 1936 Summer Olympics to our fantastic President participating in a Legendary American Sport. You guys are really scraping the barrel eh? 😏 Man you fuckers are sad. 🤣
  12. SBMech

    This is Gold

    No Surprise there....they had everything covered with the media, a total fleece job! :mad: Interesting to see it tied together though! :eek:
  13. SBMech

    Trump speech

    I wish I could give you a million likes for this.
  14. SBMech


    Hey bobby, All you do is talk shit, you never post anything with any information, you chime in and insult people constantly....You are the literal poster child for an internet keyboard warrior. Limiting a person's drink size? That is something that is important to you?
  15. SBMech

    OK! Which one of you Magnificent Bastards did this?

    Anyone notice that in every damn video for any recent democrap candidate, there are less than 100 people in frame? Judging by the venue size shown, there are probably less than a few hundred people there for any of them. How the fuck is the media showing any sort of popularity at all>? Spin...
  16. SBMech

    That piano must be exhausted after this guy finished playing.

    Amazing. Guy was on FIRE! 🎆🎆🎆
  17. SBMech

    Simi area inmate's, kids need help

    That's just wrong. Someone should hang for that bullshit. Where are young children supposed to exercise if they keep selling off the allotted properties? And they wonder why child gangs/vandalism/graffiti/violence is at an all time high....😞
  18. SBMech

    6 Months...

    Show them how to have fun young, it will last a lifetime!
  19. SBMech

    Getting old got worse........

    Get well soon OT!
  20. SBMech

    Oh the joys of being the boss

    Haha! Firing a corporate employee...paper work and they clean out their desk, get walked out by security if they did something bad enough. Fire someone in my world, you have to inspect their tools at gunpoint usually, to make sure they are not stealing from you or the other mechanics. Wait...