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  1. kiethco


    I keep mine by Long Beach airport,$180.00 month. Shelter installed in place OTD,$1000.00 OTD.
  2. kiethco

    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Penciling in August 8th. I'll kick in $6.50 for the photo plane too!:D
  3. kiethco

    Bought a Baja bug, anyone else into them?

    No shame in these toys, goes 80% of where a RAZR goes at half the speed, 10% of the cost but also goes on the highway and every two track trail everywhere including dinner at the end of the day
  4. kiethco

    Bush Tec Motorcycle Trailer

    I'd say it's a little high but I don't wanna get flamed.:confused:
  5. kiethco

    [WTS] *SOLD* 2002 Silverado 1500

    How much is it without the RDP sticker?:D
  6. kiethco

    Barstow to state line ride

    I got one better.....www.LaBarstowVegas.com
  7. kiethco

    Texas Lady killed by feral hogs.....

    Yet another reason to love California! No Tornadoes, Floods or wild pigs eating my face off! Now let me go fill up on my $3.65 gallon of gas.
  8. kiethco

    Big Meal/Horney Wife

    That's why Ronnie the Limo Driver is still single!
  9. kiethco

    Crazy the number of used sxs for sale

    6k buy in, goes 80% of the places you can take a SxS then at the end of the day you can cruise into town on pavement for dinner. We tow it behind the RV with a tow bar, no trailer needed and it's a blast on P.C.H. on weekends. Everyone has a dune buggy story and wants to talk about 'em.
  10. kiethco

    Cactus RV - When the house of cards falls..

    Flooring is the term used by the finance company to cover the cost of inventory on the dealership floor. Kinda like loan sharks, but legal.
  11. kiethco


    We go down every September for the Parrothead fest. This is our camp last weekend. We bring boats, slips are just feet away, I bring my buggy for trips in to town or Bali High Mai-Tais. The campground has a bar and restaurant and music on weekends, call for a list of entertainment. We have the...
  12. kiethco

    Looking for a Manx buggy.

    Check out the Manx club and Manx club classifieds. There are a lot in the 6-9k range that are better outfitted/built than I've seen in this thread. Just have the cash in hand and keep looking, craigslist is also a good resource. They're all one off builds so take your time and find one done right.
  13. kiethco

    Acorns app. Anyone using it?

    I use Acorn. I also add a couple hundred bucks a month. Every time I use my debit card I set the amount 0f 10.00 added to Acorns. I took 10k out a few months ago, it already has 3k back in it. I don't even miss the money. I got my 22 year old son using it, he loves it, it's a fun app and adds up...
  14. kiethco

    Electrical contractor in longbeach

    AAA Calvert in Signal Hill. Local guy, Lakewood raised. I use him in my commercial projects, my house, very stable, reasonable.
  15. kiethco

    Fuck the Nautical in Havasu Ban for life

    should have mentioned this in your opening comment...............
  16. kiethco

    Pneumonia anyone?

    I got what I thought was the flu last April. I kept waiting to get better and I told my wife I'd go to the Dr. if it got worse. Finally after a week or so I woke up and told her i was crashing, I needed to go to urgent care for some tami-flu or whatever that is. I walked in and the P.A. did a...
  17. kiethco

    Hey LEO dudes....

    This is something we deal with all the time at the AMA. Cities pass ordinances, HOA's pass regulations (Canyon Lake) that prohibit any motorcycle from being ridden onto the property and now CA tightens the exhaust rule for all motor vehicles. What drives this legislation? We do, period, end of...
  18. kiethco

    Hi, I'll take the manual control valve. Kieth 562 244 0244. Thanks!

    Hi, I'll take the manual control valve. Kieth 562 244 0244. Thanks!
  19. kiethco

    Pirates cove today ?

    I paid 6k for mine 2 years ago, can I get the senior discount? The blue plate special?
  20. kiethco

    The long shot Movie

    Saw it last night, laugh out loud funny a lot.