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  1. Prime Marine

    My Pick and Pics of the Needles Boat Show!

    Its for the indicator
  2. Prime Marine

    My Pick and Pics of the Needles Boat Show!

    Wanna bet? I have one for every size! LOL. Damn boat shops!
  3. Prime Marine

    57 Schiada Wood decker

    It changes the input shaft location however you can just space the drive plate out to accommodate. Cool project!
  4. Prime Marine

    Bravo 1 Maintenance, Gimbal Bearing

    Get a BIG slide hammer!!!! That is the best advise I can give...
  5. Prime Marine

    2005 Cyclone Race Boat

    20 Feet in length Mercury Racing 300xs Outboard Stainless Steel Cable Steering Custom Steering Post Beard Seats ATL Race Fuel Bladder Tandem Axel trailer Custom Gages Custom Shifter Ballast Tank Dual Trim Controls Runs 90+MP Tested and Proven Asking Price: $50,000.00 Boat is located in...
  6. Prime Marine

    Cavitation Plate Actuator Wiring Question

    I thought you knew everything???:headscratch:
  7. Prime Marine

    Billy B Needles Boat Show Pictures

    Ive been called worse... Thanks for the plug Cambelly
  8. Prime Marine

    Need Electrical Repair for the Boat in the I.E.

    I would check the main power fuse on the starter. Its that white/red/or black (depending on the amperage) fuse that hangs off the starter main post. If it goes bad you will have nothing. If that checks out I would check the key switch at the main power and "keyed" ignition wires (the red and...
  9. Prime Marine

    DCM V Drive

    We were headed home from the lake test... Mike @ Prime
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    Need Pictures of Schiada's

  11. Prime Marine

    Need Pictures of Schiada's

  12. Prime Marine

    Need Pictures of Schiada's

  13. Prime Marine

    Need Pictures of Schiada's

  14. Prime Marine

    Pulled A Bone Head Move

    Yeah that's a UFP actuator....
  15. Prime Marine

    Pulled A Bone Head Move

    If its a UFP actuator you have to remove it to replace it. Can be a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. We did 3 this week already must be something in the air this week. Let me know if we can help. We are in Rancho. Thanks, Mike @ Prime 909 484-8338
  16. Prime Marine

    Alternator setup?

    Here is on we just finished...
  17. Prime Marine

    Re-doing steering wheel

    You're right its a P.I.T.A!!! When you tear the leather, it's game over. Then you start all over again. Like you said all done by hand with a needle like a fish hook. Not to mention that all the pre-punched hole better be straight or it looks like a drunk 3rd grader did it when you finish...
  18. Prime Marine

    Custom Trailer Wheels

  19. Prime Marine

    1969 Schiada 21' (Pre) RC V-drive Project

    That thing is pretty cool Carl!!!!!