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  1. Icky

    good morning inmates

    Good morning
  2. Icky

    good morning inmates

    Good morning, heading back to Cabo instead of work sounds better
  3. Icky

    auto fold up truck steps. which ones?

    I have the old man steps that came on the Laramie, protects against door dings
  4. Icky

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning, back to reality from our cruise to cabo ☹
  5. Icky

    Good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Good morning ????? Maybe I should go to bed........my auto correct works better than others😁
  6. Icky

    New Mercury Racing Outboard Released

    Its missing a 0 on the 600
  7. Icky

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning, glad to see things back to normal around here
  8. Icky

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning 😴 I know what you mean, 1 day without it was unbearable
  9. Icky


  10. Icky

    "Reaction Score"

    I wonder if the angry face lowers your score :cool:
  11. Icky

    Any Tricks to Pulling Fish Tape Thru Trailer Tube

    If you pull the filter off your shop vac, it seems to suck better
  12. Icky

    What did you get done today since RDP was down?

    Got some work done, cut the temp boards to mount my speakers on the patio, saw a squirrel and started cutting down the vine running across my back wall
  13. Icky

    Ok. Quit goofing around

    Long press the like button if your using your phone and u get options
  14. Icky

    Waited all day for this...

    Went looking for the good morning thread, but its afternoon :mad:
  15. Icky

    RDP Newbie Here

    At least quote both of us
  16. Icky

    3M vs Meguiar’s compounds

    3m perfect it is multiple steps, and they have different pads for each step
  17. Icky

    RDP Newbie Here

    Welcome, you should've posted this in the wrong spot like the last guy :D
  18. Icky


    I'm going on a cruise to Cabo soon, I don't care about getting sick, I care about getting quarantined for 14 days after if someone gets a fever
  19. Icky

    RDP Site upgrade this weekend

    At least it wasn't today, I don't know what I would do driving home in traffico_O
  20. Icky

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning