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  1. steveo143

    Best Male singer, any type of music?

    Roy Orbison
  2. steveo143

    RD Express N. OC to SF Bay area

    San Ramone but jon meads will go to you and pick them up and I will deliver to you in west hills.
  3. steveo143

    RD Express N. OC to SF Bay area

    Need a ride for a pair of exhaust logs to Nor. Cal. steve peterson 714 579-7857
  4. steveo143

    OC Painter recommendations?

    skater28 on here
  5. steveo143


    kobe RAPIST PIECE OF SHIT111111111111111111111
  6. steveo143

    Back in the Game - 2016 Lucas Season Opener

    Who won? How did Bausher do?
  7. steveo143

    Songs That Make You Cry..

    Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. steveo143

    Songs That Make You Cry..

    I Loved Her First, Heartland
  9. steveo143

    Post your age!

    71, looks like I am the oldest so far. Do I win a prize?
  10. steveo143

    kKK. Rally in Anaheim, wtf

    All Lives Matter
  11. steveo143

    Trailer bearing repack / service

    I use Lucas Red N Tacky
  12. steveo143

    With a little help from my friends .... NAME THIS NEW BOAT

    Lookin' real good George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. steveo143

    grrr computer help needed

    Are date and time correct?
  14. steveo143

    Remembering "CampbellCarl" - 8-16-1954 / 2-19-2016

    I first met Carl back in the old Hotboat days. What a great friend you have been. Say hi to old Bob GN7. RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. steveo143

    Prayers for Campbell Carl

    My thoughts and prayers for you.
  16. steveo143

    Gaffrig speedos

    I wouldn't put a Gaffrig gauge in one of my boats if they paid me and the were free.
  17. steveo143

    The PinkTaco Chronicles...Ramblings of a Vagabond Lensman (PHOTOS)

    32 pages of beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. steveo143

    Laptop data recovery in OC! HELP!

    Try L A Computer.