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    AC at the House is TOAST

    I'd say you are doing the right thing by sticking with your reputable company....... Trust is huge, and it sounds like he's commited to taking care of customers.
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    New boat trailer build

    if you think steel is expensive, have you looked at aluminum? you'll be surprized........ Steel is WAY up..... For a 25 foot boat, which may weigh in around 5-6k, then trailer, axles, tires/wheels, bunks, lights, hitch, etc, I think it would be into 12-14k. but then I overbuild...
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    AC at the House is TOAST

    16 seer 4 ton condensing unit is 7 grand? with evap unit? since your old stuff is R22, and this is R410A, new lineset, evap coil, condensing unit. is that really 7 grand? if you're replacing the whole furnace and AC I'd go Carrier performance series. and use a 19seer or so condensing...
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    Bass Lake- family trip

    Actually watching “The Great Outdoors” right now… It’s a classic in my family.. —Sherpa
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    Home for the next 9 days

    I can send in quite a few weasels from management at my work. I think it’s a position requirement.
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    Ball hitch breaks and kills dude being pulled out of the mud...

    the aussie guys doing the winch cable breaking had very interesting test results......... it's worth watching...... and yes, even winch rope had kinetic evergy upon breaking. eveyrbody claims "it'l just fall to the ground if it breaks" oh hell no it won't.......
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    Parker boat accident

    oh I got ya beat! I once towed a sanger flat that quit on them from the freeway (the main channel coming into tiki Lagoon) all the way to Orwood............. this was about 11:30pm... then since we launched out of franks, I had to run all the way from Orwood to Franks around...
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    Pomona Swap meet this coming sunday...!

    Just an FYI for car junkies out there if interested.,..... I ran into Jerry Mr Sharp Shooter at the last event there I attended with the wife... (surprized the hell out of me she had a blast)! It's sunday morning.... 5am till 2pm........... 5AM you say? why so early? well, I didn't...
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    Ball hitch breaks and kills dude being pulled out of the mud...

    a huge no-no is to never connect 2 tug straps together using a steel clevis............. that is a really bad thing to watch...... there is a pic floating around on the net of a jeep with a hole in the windshield, and the clevis with strap right through the headrest of the jeep......... I...
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    Rules on having an aux fuel tank.

    I have a KSH 100 gal tank in the bed and a 60 gallon tank in the frame of my dodge 3500. diesel. I'm going to tie the 2 together and use a small solenoid valve to "open" the line from the 100 tank into the 60 gal tank to top it off when needed. the 100 tank has it's own pump for filling...
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    Today 1978!!

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    Monster storm registration open!

    Event starts july 27. Online registration closes sept 1. Somebody isn’t doing their job proof reading their own documents… I have no idea how much D storm costs, but if it’s even close to $1,000 what exactly is that buying you? Crazy.. -S
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    Anyone interested in a Soul Cycle Stationary Bike?

    lol....... digital clothes rack! I'm stealing that line.... I tell the wife every christmas: if you want to lifecycle, or treadmill, just wait 8 months..... when they become a clothes rack.... and then get put on the sidewalk!
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    Anyone interested in a Soul Cycle Stationary Bike?

    shes gonna spend another 2500 on lumber for you to build a box for it
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    Is this a new boat? Because I’m still not sure what the deal is with taxes…… The retailer simply writes down out of state sale and supplies the registration info and sales receipt. I bought my truck in Idaho. I’m from California. I said I’m not paying sales tax since I live in California...
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    what funny business with taxes?
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    he can actually afford it. we keep doing pools at my work... so WHEN we win, (not if) there's gonna be a semi-mass exodus in our department...... lol
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    1 Million gallons a month?

    My name is Sherpa. I’m gonna grow almonds. Have a private ski pond, and pump water from the Sac like a mofo. Lol.
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    There’s always that one person

    in oregon you can pump your own diesel............ tell pump boy to fuc himself.
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    Machine shop job FYI

    When I was 16 living in Chico min wage was $2.75/hr I was running equipment on a farm working 60+ hours a week making $3.00/hr…. This was in 1978.. there is no OT doing farm labor… Sherpa