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    Today in religion and holidays...

    Forget Jesus. Its Dr. Anthony Fauci day now.. And don't you forget it, peasants... www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/dc-mayor-proclaims-dec-24-dr-anthony-s-fauci-day/2519605/%3famp
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    So we paid $8b to develop a vaccine. Britain has approved its use, and started vaccinations. Medical politicians in the US are thinking about meeting at the end of next week to talk about whether or not they should think about approval. Complete joke. Why are we still listening to these frauds?
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    Strange concept..

    I'm in Arizona, and they have these buildings where you can go inside, and someone cooks food for you, and you can enjoy it while still inside the building? I wonder if anyone has ever tried something like this in California. I would think people would like it!
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    Trump gives Miami mayor the finger

    Current Chy-na virus curfew is in effect, at 11pm. Trump is still on his way to the rally, currently 11:08pm EST... Daring them to do something about it. lol
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    Voting in Pomona

    If you are anywhere near the Fairplex, they have like 150 voting machines. About 20 people to sign you in. There were 4 people voting. If you are an LA county voter and want to vote with no waiting, go to the Fairplex. Enter off McKinnley, where you would go for the NHRA museum. They take you...
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    Thank god I was able to access a course of Hydroxychloriquine along with Zpac and zinc. Less than 2 days to kick the virus out, and get me on the way to recovery. Of course we had to pretend I had Lupus to get it because you TDS fuckers are more interested in killing people to win an election...
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    Restaurants can open..

    But you gotta wear your mask while chewing.. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/california-govs-diners-masks
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    Defund Soros

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    While we are at it...

    Since we want to get rid of racist monuments... https://www.change.org/p/protest-genocide-and-slavery-under-the-oppressive-roman-empire-and-raze-the-colosseum? From the petition: An eminent historian puts the case for monument repurposing: “Every statue and street and building must be renamed...
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    North Carolina Protest..

    That's one way to do it.. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jun/7/ace-speedway-declares-race-protest-skirt-coronavir/ Speedway declares race a 'protest' to skirt coronavirus rules, draws 2,000
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    Mail in voting...

    Any time the media tries to tell us that mail in voting is safe and secure... No one knows how many times this happened. What if someone found these, who decided to mark them and drop them in the box.. No one would have ever known. We only know this happened, because someone found 81 ballots...
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    Covid cures sex offenders

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    Skate park

    So the city did not want people in the skate park, and dumped a bunch of sand in it.. Huge middle finger to the people. The people gave them a middle finger back. Its about time.
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    iRacing is serious..

    So this was a fun way to pass the time.. And then, it took a turn. Bubba Wallace lost a real world sponsor today. Like, this is a serious career ender when you cost the team the sponsor. Pre race... . The video... The aftermath.. . . Crazy.. I got to say, I wonder how many team...
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    Nursing homes in California

    If you care about someone in one of them, get them out. Decision made by the California Department of Health. If you don't think they are trying to make this worse, by the second, well.. http://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/AFL-20-32.aspx The important language.. "SNFs shall not...
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    Fill your tank..

    Tonight if possible, morning at latest.. Marathon refinery in Carson.
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    Soros bomb

    Surprised no one posted about this.. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-bomb-soros/explosive-device-found-at-home-of-george-soros-new-york-times-idUSKCN1MX0AQ
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    New building..

    So who wants to live here? https://nextshark.com/china-penis-building-shoots-fireworks/
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    Looking for a dead Jet ski..

    Anybody know what that guy on the 10 would want for one of those things? http://www.instagram.com/p/BlHCx-zHUlS/?taken-by=ejcassidy58