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  1. Halvecto

    Updated Stock Market - 2020 info for TCHB's golf game

    Cut and paste from a thread last year's thread. Keep golfing @TCHB : I posted this in another thread. I updated the spreadsheet to include current day's change. Some of you like this kind of analytics stuff. Here is a link to a quick spreadsheet I created. You can input your stock, ETF or...
  2. Halvecto

    THE 2019 STOCK MARKET THREAD...and TCHB’s golf game

    How is the golf game @TCHB ? After last year, you must be near scratch. :cool: Updated the spreadsheet in post 52 linked in this thread. Data includes to 2020.......
  3. Halvecto

    Rules to Teach Your Son....most are a "lost art". Good stuff.

    I was reminded of this list again yesterday. Went through the thread. Worth a bump and reread of post #1 for the new year. Pass it on to some young men.
  4. Halvecto

    Question for the tax experts

    Well done Sched A Jedi.
  5. Halvecto

    Time for a rebuild...

    Agreed. This seems to be the recipe for success on that motor.
  6. Halvecto

    Hallett 210

    Is the Blackhawk drive upper unit and transom assembly the same as Bravo One?
  7. Halvecto

    Zr2 Colorados

    I haven't driven the V6, but I also read and heard the same thing about it's power, mpg and overall feel. It's pretty amazing what they are doing to get power and efficiency with the V6 platforms. With enough Google searches, you can find various gremlins are discussed inline with most every...
  8. Halvecto

    Zr2 Colorados

    It does give you options if you are specifically looking for the Dmax with the various styles of the Chevy or GMC. I'm impressed with the quality of he Icon system fit/finish and the adjustable settings.
  9. Halvecto

    Zr2 Colorados

    Is that the stock suspension with bigger tires/wheels? Leveling spacer? Truck is sharp.
  10. Halvecto

    Zr2 Colorados

    I just got a GMC Canyon w/ DMax last month. It's the 2WD SLT with an ICON Stage 5 suspension system. Great ride and gas mileage. The engine has solid torque and plenty of fwy power. I haven't towed my Vector with it, but it will handle it fine. I think the ZR2 has an upgraded suspension...
  11. Halvecto


    Yes, Roth is "after-tax" money. But, principal and/or gain will not be taxed again after contribution or w/drawl. That said, there are income limits for eligibility. IMHO, Roth accounts are the most efficient and beneficial structure. It would make sense that it's also one of the more...
  12. Halvecto


    Yes, primarily because Roth (IRA or 401k) structure doesn't ever trigger RMD (required minimum distribution, which is now 72). So Beneficiary IRA rules don't affect the ROTH, allowing kids to keep the money growing. Also, it comes out tax-free to them also, so step-up basis issues are gone.
  13. Halvecto

    My meditation.. Towing trailers and driving RVs

    Agreed. It's a strange satisfaction looking in your mirrors regularly to see how the boat looks in tow. Doesn't change for miles and miles and we still look at the rear-view mirror to check it out. Probably same kinda reason, as little boys, we liked playing with Tonka trucks and hot wheels...
  14. Halvecto

    [WTS] 2001 Ford F250 XLT 7.3L diesel Crew Cab 2WD

    2001 F250 XLT 7.3L Diesel White / Grey Short-bed $11,300 186,000 miles Hate to sell it, but just not using it much anymore. This is a great truck. Runs like a champ. Transmission shifts solid, doors/windows all tight. 4-inch Fabtech suspension leveling kit. Driving this is terrific...
  15. Halvecto

    2011 GMC Yukon Denali XL 6.2 AWD

    Great package. That's an Escalade w/out the name premium. We recently downsized from similar after kids gone. Very nice rig! Worth the ask. GLWTS.
  16. Halvecto

    Did I read somewhere that there are ski races at the springs this weekend?

    Here is the NWSRA Flier: 2019 US Open Water Ski Championships - Havasu Springs Oct 5 & 6
  17. Halvecto

    Any F-350 7.3 crew cab dually owners lift and tire combo thoughts

    Great info. I have your 2WD twin. Did you use a website that has this calculator or did you create a spreadsheet? Curious.
  18. Halvecto

    Any F-350 7.3 crew cab dually owners lift and tire combo thoughts

    I think you two actually agree more than you realize. Bottom line, the 7.3 is a sought after truck/engine for a number of proven reasons. Whether no mods, professionally done mods, age of driver, purpose of use, it all goes into the value. A beat truck is beat, no matter the engine. That...