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  1. 707dog

    Stories of your old hang...

    @Deltarat @HighVoltage329 or @Bullet28 should have some ringer stories for that place... it sounded like it was havasu copper canyon atmosphere but only on a small island with real bars and music.
  2. 707dog

    Stories of your old hang...

    the 67 rs camaro i have had time slips from the brisbane strip and receipts from bolt on stuff from that speed shop in the trunk. the car had been sitting since 73 the owner blew the 327 up at fremont never got down the track to collect a slip, he pulled the motor sent it out to get rebuilt...
  3. 707dog

    Stories of your old hang...

    Did you guys ever run the drag strip there in Brisbane that was owned by the speed shop? I believe it turned into a pge yard now the train runs thru there.
  4. 707dog

    Car duster & cover ????

    that is what i got for my impala fits very nice...got one for the camaro also just need to get paint on it first...lol rob as mentioned those dusters work good for very light stuff i got a older wooden handle one still works good but i find it more now i use slick mist and a micro rag looks...
  5. 707dog

    Anyone want to boat today??

    great looking float OSB that should get it done for the family...
  6. 707dog


    go early wear comfy shoes and enjoy she will have a blast my kids were 7-10 when we went it was the weekend after the water park opened we ended up giving in and let them have at it up at the end of the day. as a parent that played with legos as a kid i had a good time so much cool stuff to...
  7. 707dog

    Towing with a late model suburban

    do you self a solid since sounds like going across the desert will be norm... add a extra trans cooler parallel with the stock one not sure how hard it will be on the new body style but did it with my 07 escalade made a big difference in trans temp as my new boat out weights the hallett by 800+...
  8. 707dog

    So what you drive does matter

    dig the bike and the van... those shag wagons are making a small come back you need a couple more bolt ons it will be hip again. i got laid more in my "beaner mobile" (lowrider) than any boat, muscle car or truck iv owned ;)
  9. 707dog

    St Patties run Sat March 14 on Delta

    thats jeff he is not much of a internet guy ... he is a chiefs fan so he is probably still doing a victory dance. DLB is a unofficial group of boating misfits who take misguided tours around the delta pillaging what ever fine establishment that will let us in and burn more fuel than our wifes...
  10. 707dog

    Good morning inmates

    well top of the mornin to ya rich... those are alot better looking than my shift partner...lol
  11. 707dog

    Half time show....WTF!!!!!

    I laugh at the "my kid is perfect "parents responses not just here but on other social platforms to the half time show not being family material... get the fuck out of here with that shit what do think your little britney and Billy get to see when they are on snap chat, youtube and other social...
  12. 707dog

    Allegiant Stadium

    What parking...lmao
  13. 707dog

    St Patties run Sat March 14 on Delta

    @lake p.a.l. Hey i am actually off that weekend :D
  14. 707dog

    That One Thing Your Wife Does...

    Yup this;) I hope to reach 49 years if she dont kill me by then but 15 and going strong
  15. 707dog

    Looking for first motorhome (possibly)

    Iv been keeping eye on this one https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/rvs/d/danville-clase-alfa-diesel-pusher-330/7060040713.html
  16. 707dog

    Looking for first motorhome (possibly)

    Here bud all the damn sleeping room you need with the pulling power for what ever https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/rvs/d/san-francisco-2009-van-hool-td-beds/7062474559.html
  17. 707dog

    Gas Limo Golf Cart Wanted

    Get a hold of lakepal I'm pretty sure he can get you dialed in
  18. 707dog

    What Beer did You Drink in High School?

    mickey's, st ides or old E (depending what was on sale),crazy horse... then had my first mexican beer pacifico and corona haven't looked back
  19. 707dog

    Well, Family Trip To Disneyland Next Week...Tips, Pointers?

    Hope it all works out for you and the family theres Good advise posted wrote some of it down... my kids picked a havasu trip over Disneyland this year. But I think the wife is gonna force a trip next year:mad:
  20. 707dog

    When you least expect it......

    yikes man that could of been a lot worst tweekazoid could of had a buddy stashed away to jump on you once you got further away from your trailer. escalating this to a whole nother kind of story... the piece maker goes just about every with us it's taking the wife some getting use to but she...