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  1. Earl-Bob

    Gauging wells..

    the amount of rain we have received is crazy !:thumbsup
  2. Earl-Bob

    Billy The Kids Grave

    what are you doing in Ft Sumner?
  3. Earl-Bob

    fuel prices

    $1.99 in Lubbock tx
  4. Earl-Bob

    Best Boat Names Youve Ever Seen?

    I seen an all white boat named "MONEY SHOT"
  5. Earl-Bob

    Drone Flight over Chernobyl

    I seen something on it the other day. There are people living there now !:skull:(
  6. Earl-Bob


    100 bucks a gallon covers about 150 sq ft. I'm going to try it on my barn. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. Earl-Bob


    has anyone played with this stuff?http://www.supertherm.net/multicera.htm
  8. Earl-Bob

    Anybody heading to the ozarks this year?

    last year there was a live feed:thumbsup. whill there be one this year?
  9. Earl-Bob

    golf cart bumper

    Replace what's broken add lights and then a brush guard of some kind. I hope I didn't give too much $750.00
  10. Earl-Bob

    golf cart bumper

  11. Earl-Bob

    golf cart bumper

    ez-go gas I have no idea on what year
  12. Earl-Bob

    golf cart bumper

    does anyone have a front bumper on their cart and where did you get it?
  13. Earl-Bob

    Where are you from, Inmate?

    born in San Berdo there til Iwas 5 the raised in... Tucumcari NM moved back to Cali in90 spent a couple years in Paso Robles ten a couple in Salt lake then back to nm Clovis now about 80 miles from where I grew up. I'm hiding a fifth under the seat.
  14. Earl-Bob

    Can't wait to give this to my little guy!

    Did you buy in Lubbock? At the place off the loop?
  15. Earl-Bob

    You know it's cold when.....

    I live just a little ways from you . I'm done with this weather, every time we get going on a project this crazy weather changes!!
  16. Earl-Bob

    It's YOU'RE!!!

  17. Earl-Bob

    Flat roof ?

  18. Earl-Bob

    Duramax owners!

    04 150,000 runs strong straight pipe ,efi live,egr block,ect....
  19. Earl-Bob

    Ruidoso for New Years

    I'm in Clovis.:rolleyes