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    Let's see your Jeeps

    This is my brothers Scrambler, started its life as a single cab with bed. Complete body off rear axle stretched back, crate 302, motor and trans mounted higher for ground clearance. full radius cage with 3 rows of seating. Axles off 3/4 ton truck full 4 link. 5.13 gears on 40's. Full 1/4" body...
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    Bombing runs in the desert east of Havasu?

    WIT was in Yuma the other day and might still be here, they are playing war games over the bombing ranges. I hear booms all the time and live in the flight path coming back in to MCAS yes they are loud but its also a sound of freedom we should never have to live without!
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    Pocket knife

    I carry a few different ones depending on what I am doing. Everyday is a Case 2 blade in my left pocket and a Benchmade push button auto with Tanto blade in my right. When I am roping I carry the Case in my left pocket and a Spyderco stainless Harpy in my right. That Harpy is crazy sharp and...
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    Any Plumbing Contractors Looking To Bid A Senior Housing Facility In Yuma?

    I am here in Yuma, I would recommend Streamline Plumbing (based here in Yuma does excellent work) also Above All Plumbing (again based here in Yuma a little bit of a smaller business but still large enough to do large projects.)
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    3.5 Ecoboost Guys that have them.

    I have a 2015 with the 3.5 ecoboost. The truck now has 130,000 and it has held up very well. If i was in the market for a 1/2 ton truck would buy one for a personal truck anyday. There is a difference in the seat form from the cloth seats to the leather (leather is much more comfortable since it...
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    Neighborly feud!

    Drill a hole or a few holes in the trunk, pour round up in it. should take the round up in and kill it. only problem is you would have way more leaves in the yard as it died and then he would have to remove it but it would eventually take care of the problem.
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    Found this near my mailbox out by the road.

    Soil sample probe, used for either checking compaction at certain depths, checking type of soil at certain depths or as we use them for in Yuma farming is to check moisture in fields in order to schedule irrigation for produce crops.
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    Prop idea's for a DCB Mach 22 ?

    I had an 01 Mach 22 with a 300 promax, i saw 91mph wide open with a worked 26 bravo 4. When i bought the boat it came with a 24p and 28p bravo 4, after doing some research and alot of reading I sold the 28 (although it worked well except in late summer where we are very hot and humid) I bought a...
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    [WTS] 1995 Laveycraft 21 Sebring Mod VP Tunnel

    I have know Randy for quite some time, there is no expense spared on any aspect of this boat. Extremely clean and very well maintained. Will be a great buy for anyone looking for a super clean boat!
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    Let say.... you want to mess with someone....

    The best prank i have ever seen is writing your initials or a word of your choice in their grass yard using fertilizer very heavily. Once sprinklers hit it will burn the grass spelling out your choice word, then after some time it will grow very dark green and healthy until the fertilizer has...
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    Garage Door Windows

    i did my old house the cheap redneck way, i taped them off or removed the windows and painted them black. worked well and just looked like they were tinted black. No light ever came in and no one could ever peak in to see what i had in the garage. At the time it was my STV Euro.
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    Looking for 21' Daytona or 22' DCB Outboard

    This would be my vote! I can tell you anything Jim has had is done right! No expense spared on anything he has done! Boat is in immaculate shape and I know it runs good. He's one of those guys that has to have a head turner that is turn key at any time. Just wanted to comment here n this since...
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    2005 Ultra 23' Shadow Deck Mercury 496 Mag. Nice Ride!!!

    Probably going to take a year off, I love the boat but we didn't use it much this past year and would most likely not use it much this coming year either. Never had one issue with it just hate to see it sit in the garage not being used. We'll see what next year does I might have to get another...
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    2005 Ultra 23' Shadow Deck Mercury 496 Mag. Nice Ride!!!

    Thanks Barry! see you guys saturday
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    Well Guys...We are doing it...

    When it comes to stereo, I figured go beyond what you are planning on using it for that way in the heat the amps are not pushed too hard and the stereo never has to be turned up real loud. I would definitely recommend a gain knob for the subs that way you can find just the right amount of bass...
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    I may have found her! Lil more help required

    Dirtbag, if this boat is in fact in Yuma, Az you have one thing going for you when looking for beach rash our sandbars down here are truly SAND like the beach however at the ramps there are some areas that have fine gravel that could make some scratches but still shouldnt be bad. if you are...
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    WTB DCB Mach 22 or Hallett 210 /Vector

    I am 90% sure that is my old boat, 2001 with 300 promax? grape to purple fade on the dash? if it is I miss that boat. at a closer look maybe it isn't either way nice boat, youll love the way the ride and run.
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    Any info on 21" Daytona

    My buddy Robby owned that boat for years, he started fishing a lot and it was parked for 2-3 seasons, he sold that to a friend Pat Swanson in LHC with the agreement he would get first right of refusal if Pat ever wanted to sell. I spoke with Robby last week when I first saw the add. Robby...
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    A shot across the bow...

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    A shot across the bow...