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  1. shaffewm

    Baja Step Loungers

    Did I mention the built in beverage holders?
  2. shaffewm

    Lineman jobs…

    Good Morning all, here at SCE, the climbing school is no longer mandatory to get hired as a groundman. It helps but you will definitely need a class A license and real world construction experience. We get a lot of guys that have been on digging crews from 1245 and here at local 47. There is...
  3. shaffewm

    Baja Step Loungers

    Ordered these and they came with a couple of scratches. By the time wife was done with them they sent two new ones and didn't want us to return the originals. Thinking 700 for the set OBO, they are located in Santa Clarita so I can drop them locally but not interested in trying to ship...
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    Anyone Wear 'Prison Blues' Jeans ?

    I bought a pair a while back. The fit was smaller than the size so I would go up a bit
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    PUPS of RDP

  6. shaffewm

    Another best freind lost

  7. shaffewm

    Christmas presents for the wife

    The one in the middle.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Off the balcony
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    A shot across the bow...

    The view off the stern was a bit better.
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    It's that season, keep your eyes out

    There is a group of urban campers in that area in the wash and next to the treatment plant...
  11. shaffewm

    Tankless water heater

    It wasn’t to pricey. A few hundred I think with the remote kit. I didn’t install it but it looks pretty simple. Basically a check valve between the hot and cold lines under the kitchen sink. Opens up and pumps when you hit the button and then shuts back down after the water comes up 10 degrees...
  12. shaffewm

    Tankless water heater

    Not sure how far your kitchen/ bathroom is from the heater. We ended up putting a remote control circulation pump on the furthest faucet. When I get up in the morning I hit the fob go to the bathroom and by the time I get in the shower the cooler water has cleared from the pipes.
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    La power outage chart

    All the planned outages we had this week were cancelled due to the heat.
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    Dont want to hijack the solar thread. Quick yes or no will be helpful. I made it brief.

    Ours is on track to break even around the 8 year mark. We have a pool and cool a 2 story house. The solar covers all the electric we use here in Ca.
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    Hello USS MIDWAY

    When my son was a Boy Scout many years ago his troop and had a sleep over on the ship. We slept on the deck underneath one of the planes. Seemed like an awesome idea. I have never been colder in my life! It was a pretty incredible tour and experience though.
  16. shaffewm

    496HO Alarm Help

    We had a chunk of plastic do that to us
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    Herculiner bedliner kit $60 (sold)

    Ever get up near Santa Clarita?
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    Dominican Republic

    Thanks for all the feedback. As beautiful as it looks, we are not sit in a resort kind of people. We like to get out and walk and explore in the mornings. I think we are going to pivot to Key West....
  19. shaffewm

    Dominican Republic

    Anybody vacationed here? Good, bad? Thanks